Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Get The Skinny on FAT!

There are three different types of Fat: Lazy Fat, Skinny Fat, and Fit Fat. Which are you?

Lazy Fat: This is pretty self explanatory. Fat that is developed due to laziness and not eating right. Eating the wrong foods, like chips, ice cream, burgers, fries....the list goes on and on... And being lazy. But good news, those that are "Lazy Fat" lose fat the fastest! Yes! That means all you have to do is get off the couch, throw away the chips, and go for a long walk. And repeat. And repeat again. And again. And again. You will loose an average of 2-5 pound PER WEEK if you have "Lazy Fat"! It is that simple! A high intense cardio workout with weights would be ideal for Lazy Fat. The Fat will melt right off!!

Skinny Fat: This is someone who diets. Diets. And Diets. And diets some more. Its one "fad" diet after another. They will lose 10 pounds in a week just by cutting out sugar, carbs, bread, cheese, gluten, watermelon with the seeds, pears with the greenish yellow skin, apples only with the red skin, and so on an so forth until they have nothing but lettuce to eat. That's no fun for anyone. Especially the person they are living with. This person jogs. That is their idea of working out. They have no muscle mass. Their spine doesn't look developed. They look weak. Sad news for this person, they gain weight very fast. Their body is in starvation mode and their muscles are not defined so when they quit their insanity yo-yo dieting they will in fact balloon up. For the "Skinny Fat" following an eating plan is a must along with strength training to develop the spin, core, and be able to burn calories.

Fit Fat: This is someone who works out 3-5 times a week. This person has well defined muscles hidden under a layer of fat. This person is strong, has a spine, and will be larger than the average person for the rest of their life. This person doesn't gain or lose weight. Weight lifting, cardio, and Pilates combined is perfect for this person so they can lose inches, not pounds!!

According to the CDC over half of America's population is overweight. Overweight is defined by having a BMI over 30. There are two types of Fat: Brown Fat and White Fat. White Fat is cushioning, heating, and metabolism. Brown Fat is found in babies and grown out of.

Biology 101: 
  1. Large fat droplets get mixed with bile salts from the gall bladder in a process called emulsification. The mixture breaks up the large droplets into several smaller droplets called micelles, increasing the fat's surface area.
  2. The pancreas secretes enzymes called lipases that attack the surface of each micelle and break the fats down into their parts, glycerol and fatty acids.
  3. These parts get absorbed into the cells lining the intestine.
  4. In the intestinal cell, the parts are reassembled into packages of fat molecules (triglycerides) with a protein coating called chylomicrons. The protein coating makes the fat dissolve more easily in water.
  5. The chylomicrons are released into the lymphatic system -- they do not go directly into the bloodstream because they are too big to pass through the wall of the capillary.
  6. The lymphatic system eventually merges with the veins, at which point the chylomicrons pass into the bloodstream.
Found on Science.com

In order to break down the fat cells you must maintain energy. In order to maintain energy you must workout.  Diet is only part of the weight loss journey. Working out and eating the right super foods in combination is a guaranteed way to loose weight. 

What kind of Fat do you have? Are you ready to shed that coat of Fat? Contact me today

Personal Trainer Vs. Personal BeachBody Coach

These are the Pros and Cons of having a Personal Trainer or having a personal BeachBody Coach written by someone who has been BOTH and had BOTH!
I have always worked out and I have eaten the same foods my whole life. There is no magic pill. There is no secret to weight loss. Diet and exercise combined will give you the best results. I was a trainer for about a year and have been a BeachBody Coach for a couple of months. These are my personal findings for both. Pros and Cons for both!! 

Personal Training:


1. One on one attention during your slotted hour.
2. If your trainer works out of a gym they have access to equipment, weights, and tools that the average home doesn't have.
3. Motivates you to push yourself to your limits!

1. Costs $50-$200 an hour
2. Gives you attention during your PAID time only!
3. Meets with you when they are available on their schedule.
4. Unless you are meeting with your trainer daily you likely will just be "another client".

Personal BeachBody Coach:


1. Available to you 24/7!
2. Motivates you to push you to your limits!
3. Knows you! Knows your name, your face, your body type. your food habits, your interests. your hobbies, your kids names, your husband's name and occupation. and knows if you have or have not been following the program!
4. Is your friend!
5. NO GYM NEEDED!!!! Workout at your house on YOUR schedule!


1. Does not have access to a gym full of equipment.
2.  In order to have a personal BeachBody Coach you must have signed up with the BeachBody website under a coach. No purchase necessary. Simply signing up here!
3. We will bug the crap out of you if you aren't doing what you are supposed to be doing!! :)

Long ago, in my pre-married life, I was a personal trainer. I was Fit and Fabulous. It lasted for a short time. I liked working one on one but I didn't like how things were run. I also had a trainer myself. I think I had him more for the eye candy than anything else. It was fun to show off. Everyone likes to show off!  My husband was a personal trainer for a couple years. He was a trainer (not where I was) when we met and continued to be a trainer into our second year of marriage. We each have a fitness background and extensive knowledge in the gym and fitness world.
This morning I went undercover and I met with a trainer at my gym and this is my personal experience. It started off with that general meet and great, he was looking right through me. never really meeting my eye. I could tell he had already made his mind up about me from the first Hello. He was nice enough, helpful enough, but it was almost scripted. He sat with me for thirty minutes assessing my calorie intake, food breakdown, weight, height, etc. He scribbled, I talked, we bantered. Nothing exciting. I was in the gym. I was ready to workout. We weren't working out. I was getting antsy. We finally moved to the personal training area of the gym to do my fitness test. You know, do as many push ups in a minute, run the stairs, hold plank...that one! I passed. I passed. I passed! Guess why I passed? PiYo taught me how to hold plank and do push ups. Did he teach me, nope. Had I ever done them with success before, nope! PiYo!!!! My session was an hour long and only ten minutes of that was my heart rate elevated. In an hour PiYo woud have had me drenched in sweat. Wasted an hour! 
When our hour was done I broached the Shakeology subject. I inquired, as if I hadn't already started drinking it, "Have you ever heard of it, I'm thinking of giving it a try! What do you think?" He immediately shot it down.  I asked, "Why?" He couldn't think of an answer. A moment later he told me I should be using a "Whey Isolate" so I asked him to pull it up on his fancy computer. Yes, it may only have 1g of sugar, but guess what else it had "Potassium Chloride". I pointed it out and said, "I wont drink that. That has potassium chloride in it...you know...lethal injection juice!" His eyes bugged, looked closer at the screen, sputtered, and said, "You are my hardest client!"
I had known the man for an hour and I was already the hardest client he has ever had. He went on to give me his credentials and tell me how he was running the regional training bla bla bla and nobody has ever given him as hard a time as I had in one hour. All I did was ask a question. So I ask you, do you ask questions or do you blindly follow?!

If you are interested in joining me in a question asking, all sizes wearing, and motivated team, please join me here

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Sleep Baby, Sleep!

A well rested baby sleeps the most. Keeping your baby up late, in hopes of them sleeping more, does not work. Skipping naptime, in hopes of getting your baby to sleep through the night, does not work. Letting your baby sleep anywhere, because that is better than nothing, does not work. I am a mother of three children. All three of my children have slept through the night by four months at the latest. An attainable goal is to have your baby sleeping through the night by six months. Here are a few steps you can do to make your baby sleep baby, sleep!

 Naps are good for your baby! Naps are awesome for mamma! From birth to one month old your baby will sleep A LOT! A lot a lot a lot! Sleeping every three hours is great for the first few weeks of your baby's life. Keeping your baby up for about 30-60 minutes between naps and making sure your baby is full helps keep baby happy and asleep. 
 Once your baby is about a month old it will be time to make a more "scheduled" naptime. Start with three naptimes a day from one to three months old. The naps should be about two hours long three times a day. 
When your baby is about four months old you can transition down to two naps a day. You will stick with this nap schedule until your baby is 12-14 months. Take two naps a day, typically 9am-12pm and again 1pm-4pm.  These two, three hour naps will make, will make your life and your baby's life much more rested and happy! 
Once your baby turns one (wah!!!) they will be ready to start phasing out the second nap and turning two naps into one nap. It will likely take a month or so to completely drop the second nap but ah the freedom! Now you can go do things with your little one! They are alert, mobile, and happy for longer periods of time. Eating what you eat, for the most part, and are little people! They still need a nice nap during the day, typically from 11am-3pm is what I have found is best for the 12-24 month stage. 
After your baby turns two their nap will start to dwindle. There will be days where they still sleep 3-4 hours and then there will be days that they only nap for two hours. This is all indicative of how active they are and how full their day is. If you intend to start your baby in preschool at two years old, hours are usually 9am to 12pm and a nap after school is important to their little bodies to refresh from all the learning they did that day. 
After three, the nap will start to drop. It could drop off all together or it could keep up. It all depends on your child. If your child doesn't wish to continue their nap, than I suggest "rest time" for about an hour (or two if you are lucky)! Give your baby (now preschooler) books, stuffed animals, etc to read to themselves and snuggle with their animals in their room to relax and maybe fall asleep. 

Bedtimes don't have to be hard. Routines make bedtimes easy! Do the same things every night: Dinner all together as a family, have a little bit of family time, do bathtime, rub your baby down with coconut oil after their bath to massage their muscles and refresh their skin, swaddle your baby, and nurse or bottle feed your baby until they have fallen asleep in your arms. Lay your baby down in their crib and sneak out of their room. Easy peezy! It may take a few nights of doing this to get the hang of it. I suggest doing this from 3 months until 12 months of age.  
Prior to three months of age, if your baby is still sleeping in your room or infant swing, at night than that is okay! What ever keeps them happy at night is important. My two older children where in their cribs by one month old, but my baby Charlotte was three months when she finally was ready for the crib. 
After your baby turns one replace the bottle, or boob, with a book. This will help eliminate that "comfort sucking" and you can snuggle and read books to them to still get that special bonding time.
Bedtime should typically begin around 6:30pm and your child should be in bed and asleep by 7:30pm at the latest. Anything after that is counterproductive. You are welcome to do a 6pm-7pm bedtime routine, but for most families that is too early to be able to fit in a little family time prior to sleep. Your baby should sleep until anywhere between 7am and 8am. Twelve full hours of sleep are very important for growing bodies!

Staying on Schedule:
Best way to stay on your baby's schedule is to in fact be on your baby's schedule. That means, if your baby is at the two nap a day period than you need to plan your day around those two naps. Lots of people say "my baby doesn't nap" but those are the same people that are never at home to in fact let their baby try and nap. 1. Don't let your baby sleep in their carseat past two months. 15 minute naps in the car are not healthy and will not make for a happy baby! It may be the easiest option, but easy doesn't make for a great sleeper. You have to work at it at first and then stick with it! 2. Make sure your baby is full before naps. Sounds easy, but they won't sleep well or long if they are hungry. Diet also plays in a factor after a year when your baby is eating food. Limit the sugar, juice, and make sure you are feeding wholesome and filling foods to keep them fuller longer and they will sleep more soundly. 3. If you are breastfeeding than I recommend one formula bottle, around 5pm, to help your baby stay full all night long.  Formula is thicker than breastmilk and will help keep your baby full much longer. 

Remember a well rested baby is a happy baby! A happy baby makes for a happy mamma!! I hope that these tips help you and your baby too!


Charlotte sleeping soundly :)

Friday, January 2, 2015

Shakeology vs. Plexus

Plexus Slim, is basically a Crystal Light drink, that you mix with water. You also are supposed to take a bunch of pills throughout the day to help "accelerate" you. This is far from healthy. They promote their company as a weight-loss company, but you will get as much luck if you simply cut your sugary foods and increase your water supply. You are supposed to drink it twice daily and supposedly it manages your sugars, cholesterol, and lipid levels. But how? How can an expensive Crystal light do just that? Let's find out! It is a stimulate, similar to caffeine in coffee, only it has been created in a lab somewhere and formulate with that pretty pink dye to make your eyes glitter over and say "okay I will try that!" Don't. Don't waste your money on it. Diet pills and drinks do not work long term and can have negative lasting effects on your body! Plexus does not advertise their prices, but from what I have found it will run you about $120-$150 monthly drinking and popping pills a couple times a day... That is some pricey Crystal Light right there.

Here are Plexus Slim's Ingredients:

Plexus Slim's main ingredient is Chromium. What is chromium? It is metal. Its that simple. Chromium exposure is safe for some adults up to about six months. Extended Chromium exposure is directly linked to dizziness, headaches, liver damage, kidney damage, and is NOT safe to be consumed when pregnant or breastfeeding! Plexus is QUICK FIX! That's all!! It is not healthy, it is not good, and certainly is not safe for more than just a couple of months. Also, if you do happen to loose any weight from it you will gain it all back very quickly when you stop taking it. You have not established any healthy habits while drinking the "pink drink" and in the process of drinking that you are slowly destroying your insides. I highly recommend not consuming this quick fix weight loss drink. If you do choose to do so make sure please stop by six months. The lasting repercussions could be far more damaging than a few added pounds! 

Shakeology's Ingredients:

Shakeology can't even be compared to it, honestly. I would love to break it down for the way I did with my Body by Vi or Herbalife comparison, but they can't be compared because Plexus is a non-nutritional drink. Shakeology is a meal replacement full of quality foods like Chia, Quinoa, Flax, and protein! You can't find any of that in a "pink drink"! There is NO magic pill! Heard work, clean eating, and healthy nutrition is what is needed for health and weightloss! Shakeology improves overall health and well-being! Shakeology has real ingredients that are natural and non-GMO. Contact me if you are interested in adding Shakeology to your diet today, here

Shakeology vs. Herbalife

Shakeology vs. Herbal Life Ingredient Breakdown:


1. Whey based protein: helps develop muscle, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol, helps promote overall health and wellness. Whey protein helps regulate your thyroid as well!
2. Pea Protein: an easily digestible protein, keeps you fuller longer, and promotes lean muscle development. 
3. Pea Fiber: A natural fiber to keep you fuller longer and is linked to maintaining blood sugars.
4. Maca Root: helps regulate hormones and stabilizes your mood and amps up your energy!
5. Chia: is a complete protein (cool!!), fiber-rich, and packed with antioxidants!
6. Flax: has omega-3s and protects against cancer, diabetes, stroke, and heart disease!!
7. Yacon Root: Promotes a healthy gut and helps lower your cholesterol!

Here is an additional picture of the Chocolate Shakeology ingredients:


1. Soy Protein: Can promote cancer growth, impairs your reproductive system, can increase allergies, increase your thyroid levels, and ADD! 90% of all soy is GMO and very harmful. Here is a great article on the dangers of Soy by Dr. Joseph Mercola!
2. Fructose: is sugar found in fruits. Too much fructose is not good. It is the second ingredient in Herbalife. That means it almost equal to the amount of soy protein in the shake. Think about it this way: The serving size is two scoops of powder. One of those scoops is soy and the second scoop is sugar. Not healthy one bit. That is too much fructose being pumped into your diet. 
3. Cellulose Powder: an artificial man-made wood product to use as a thickener....sounds tasty...
4. Corn Bran: almost 90% of all corn is GMO and can contribute to health issues.
5. Artificial Vanilla Flavor: Synthetic chemicals.
6. Guar Gum: is used as a thickener.
7. Potassium Chloride:  ....Lethal injection.... Need I say more?

I think Shakeology is the clear winner here. Which would you drink: A healthy delicious meal replacement full of fiber, chia, pea protein, and whey or would you drink a shake full of soy, sugar, and filler...and lethal injection juice... umm... Shakeology wins!! 

If you are interested in joining me in my Shakeology journey contact me today!! Check out my Beachbody site here!  

Here is an additional picture of the Herbalife Formula 1 info:

This image was take directly from an Herbalife distribution site (LifeMana). As you can clearly see, the ingredients that I posted are as stated. I did an ingredient to ingredient post from first ingredient (most important) to the seventh ingredient. As you can see on both Shakeology and Herbalife's comparison's there are more than seven ingredients, but I stopped there both because my baby woke from her nap, and because you can get a clear picture as to the ingredient differences. I hope that this post helped you choose which shake is more beneficial to your diet. 

Shakeology vs. Body by Vi

Shakeology vs. Body by Vi

There are great benefits to adding in a meal replacement shake to your diet. For one, the ease of blending up a shake for a busy mom takes mere seconds. Also, the added protein and vitamins can improve with weight management and overall diet balance. As a nursing mother, I am very diligent about putting what is healthiest and most natural into my body because not only am I nourishing myself but I am feeding my child as well. This is my personal research on the two products: 


It is an all natural, non GMO, no-soy, whey or vegan meal replacement protein shake. Here are the ingredient lists:


As clearly labeled above, Shakeology contains all natural ingredients, no artificial flavorings, is whey, or brown rice based, filled with ingredients packed full of nutrition like quinoa, chia seeds, pea protein, fiber, and flax. All that in one scoop of powder to make one shake a day. That is amazing to me and the fact that it tastes delicious makes it even better!
Shakeology has 160 calories a scoop (to be consumed once a day) and is considered a meal replacement. You can also blend it with other things like banana or peanut butter for added calories. The protein in each shake at 16g to 17g per shake is enough to healthily sustain you and your diet needs. Chocolate Shakeology has 6g of sugar in it per shake. The sugar is plant based and all natural. If you are a Beachbody Coach, Shakeology's cost is about $100 a month. That sticker shock is usually what stops people. But, if you were to try and buy all the ingredients in one bag of Shakeology it would cost about $500 and who has time in their day to eat all the food individually? I know I don't! The fact that there are no artificial ingredients, no GMOs, no artificial sweeteners, and is full of healthy ingredients to keep you full and happy is great in my book!!

Body by Vi: 

As it is clearly labeled above, Body by Vi contains Soy as the primary protein base in the shake, which is incredibly unhealthy for you, and your body. Most soy is GMO filled and is linked to thyroid issues and other long term health issues. Here is a great article if you wish to read further on the harms of soy on your body: Dangers of Soy. Here is an even better article on the dangers of soy by Dr. Joseph Mercola! Also, the next thing is that it is advertised to "taste like a cake mix" but how can it taste like cake at such a low caloric intake? Sucralose.That is how. Splenda! Yuck! Splenda is so incredibly bad for you! Splenda increases your blood sugar and leads to gastrointestinal issues long term! The Sucralose and Soy alone are enough to keep me far away from Body by Vi. According to the Body by Vi website, they recommend drinking it for TWO meals a day, so 180 calories for two meals total. That is incredibly unhealthy. It also only has 12g of protein in it. That isn't enough protein to properly refuel after a workout, let alone sustain you. The prices range from $50 a bag up to a couple hundred... So, if you follow the instructions and drink two shakes a day you are also looking at $100 a month. 

Shakeology is the clear winner!! As a nursing mother I know that what I drink and eat directly effects not just my body but my child's body. Shakeology is 100% safe to drink during pregnancy and breastfeeding because it does NOT have any artificial additives and is 100% natural and healthy. I think that a great question you should ask yourself is, "Would I feed it to my child?" If the answer is "NO!" than you probably should not be eating it too! I give my kids Shakeology when they are sick, for the added nutrients, and I think it is great! If you are interested further in  Shakeology contact me today! Check out my Beachbody site here

Shakeology: Chemical-free, no artificial additives, and baby approved!