Monday, August 18, 2014

Welcome the newest member of the Cooper and Chloe Family!

Welcome to the world, baby Charlotte Rose! She was born three weeks ago at 8 pounds 8 ounces! We are overjoyed and she is such a snuggly baby! It was such a fast and easy labor and delivery! I had my first contraction at around 11:30 pm and delivered her at 4:15 am (almost) drug-free. The (almost) drug-free part was not my choice, but I was already 9cm dilated by the time the epidural was put in and immediately turned off. What a waste of a giant needle going in my back! Haha! Regardless, she was well worth it...even though I felt the ring of fire for the very first time! Ouch!!! 
Recovery was easy as well. I think with each child my recovery time has decreased, which is fabulous especially when you have two older ones to take care of also! Charlotte is a fabulous eater and loves to use my boobs as her personal pillows! I bought the Maya Wrap Sling so that she can do just that, but so I can be hands free! 
Cooper goes back to preschool in two weeks and Chloe starts for the first time so Charlotte and I will have some extra bonding time! I am worried that they aren't getting the full attention that they were so used to receiving, but I know in the long run it will just develop their relationship and independence. I love them dearly and I make sure to tell them that every day, even if it is when my boob is leaking, I have no make up on, and Charlotte is grunting and nuzzling her face into my other boob. The joys of motherhood! :)
My heart is full of joy and happiness and even though I feel like I haven't slept since I was about six months pregnant I feel like I am grinning from ear to ear all day long! Maybe it is the delirium setting in, but I am genuinely so happy! :)