Friday, October 19, 2012

Pumpkin Centerpiece

      Part three of my fall decorations included painting artificial pumpkins for a week straight. I was covered in paint! My arms, legs, nails, and clothes were covered in metallic, pearl, and glittery paint. There are still a few holes in my centerpiece, but I can't figure out what to fill them with. I am happy to be done with it for now, and maybe I will fill the holes next fall!
     Do you want to hear something crazy? My husband took one look at my finished centerpiece and said, "You should Bedazzle them!" in a completely serious voice, tone, and face. I busted out laughing until I realized he was being serious. My response was, "I thought about adding some gems or pearls, but didn't want to go overboard with the sparkle." I am still replaying the very odd conversation that we had over and over in my head. I can honestly say that was the first time "Bedazzle" has ever come out of my husband's mouth!
    What are you all decorating this fall?


Tuesday, October 16, 2012


     This is my first year decorating for Halloween! We finished building our house about a month after last Halloween, so I was pretty excited to finally do something more than hack at a pumpkin and hope it didn't rot before Halloween. I decoupaged polka dot and damask print scrapbook paper on to foam pumpkins, used my Cricut to cut out letters, then used my Cuttlebug to emboss them with dots. I added a ribbon and bow to each letter to give it a little personalization and then topped each pumpkin with a green satin ribbon for a little pop of color. Overall, I am happy with my first attempt at Halloween Decor!

$10 Date Night

      Our fourth wedding anniversary was this past week and I made it my goal to spend as little money as possible and do as much as possible. First, I packed a basket with plastic utensils, paper plates, soda, bottled waters, bug repellent, and a blanket. My mom came over to take care of the kids around 5 pm and John and I got in the car to start our evening of cheap fun! I called in an order for two burritos at our local burrito barn. I had a "Buy One Get One Free" coupon, so with tip, our total came to $6. We picked up our food and made our way to the park near by. The picture above is from us in the park down by the duck pond enjoying our food. We sat by the pond watching the ducks and eating our yummy and cheap food for about an hour. Then we drove to the beach and strolled for another hour working off the food we had just gorged ourselves on. For dessert, I had a coupon for a "Free Dessert" at Macaroni Grill so we enjoyed a free Lemon Cake to share. We also received free "samplings" of wine from the bartender so we left a $4 tip. Lastly, we had movie tickets that I received as a gift several months ago, so we went to the movies and saw The Election. Normally, I am not a Will Farrell fan, but that movie was the perfect ending to a perfect evening and made me laugh and laugh and laugh!
     Overall, for $10 plus a couple gallons of gas, we each had a blast! It was such a wonderful evening and spending a few hours away from our house, children, and life was a great way to reconnect and get a little closer to each other. I swear by date nights. Hubba Hubba! :)

Our free dessert at Macaroni Grill