Thursday, February 5, 2015

What is Shakeology?

Main Ingredients in Shakeology:

1. Whey based protein: helps develop muscle, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol, helps promote overall health and wellness. Whey protein helps regulate your thyroid as well!
2. Pea Protein: an easily digestible protein, keeps you fuller longer, and promotes lean muscle development. 
3. Pea Fiber: A natural fiber to keep you fuller longer and is linked to maintaining blood sugars.
4. Maca Root: helps regulate hormones and stabilizes your mood and amps up your energy!
5. Chia: is a complete protein (cool!!), fiber-rich, and packed with antioxidants!
6. Flax: has omega-3s and protects against cancer, diabetes, stroke, and heart disease!!
7. Yacon Root: Promotes a healthy gut and helps lower your cholesterol!

What are you paying for?!

Shakeology contains all natural ingredients, no artificial flavorings, is whey, or brown rice based, filled with ingredients packed full of nutrition like chia seeds, pea protein, fiber, and flax. All that in one scoop of powder to make one shake a day. That is amazing to me and the fact that it tastes delicious makes it even better!
Shakeology has 160 calories a scoop (to be consumed once a day) and is considered a meal replacement. You can also blend it with other things like banana or peanut butter for added calories. The protein in each shake at 16g to 17g per shake is enough to healthily sustain you and your diet needs. Chocolate Shakeology has 6g of sugar in it per shake. The sugar is plant based and all natural. If you are a Beachbody Coach, Shakeology's cost is about $100 a month. That sticker shock is usually what stops people. But, if you were to try and buy all the ingredients in one bag of Shakeology it would cost about $500 and who has time in their day to eat all the food individually? I know I don't! The fact that there are no artificial ingredients, no GMOs, no artificial sweeteners, and is full of healthy ingredients to keep you full and happy is great in my book!!

It is an all natural, non GMO, no-soy, whey or vegan meal replacement protein shake. Here are the ingredient lists:

There are several other flavors, other than the two Chocolate forms I showed you above, and you are welcome to check them out here. They range from Greenberry to Strawberry but I am a Chocolate gal through and through!!

How To Get a Discount:

Coaches get a 25% off discount. If you want to become a coach, just for the discount, AWESOME!!!! Sign up here! I would love you on my team! You can also add yourself to my Facebook page and I will add you to my personally sponsored coach page for further mentoring! Shoot me a PM if you add yourself to my page and let me know how you found me!! :)

Coaches also earn a 25-30% commission off all sales they make. You can sign up to be a coach JUST for the discount and not sell anything, which is still awesome, but you can also earn money as a coach. You have to decide which coach you want to be, a Discount Coach or a BeachBody Coach! 

Why Make the Switch?

Personaly, I switched from Muscle Milk to Shakeology. Yes, the cost was a drastic difference from about $30 a month to $100 a month as a coach, but it was well worth it! I would rather pay more for a higher nutritional blend of ingredients and know that what I was putting into my body real ingredients and not an artificial composition of chemicals. I am so glad that I made the switch, and my ONLY regret is not switching sooner! Body by Vi, Herbalife, Muscle Milk, and Slim Fast have nothing on Shakeology!

And here is another one.... :)

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