Saturday, February 7, 2015

Chalkboard Mail and Key Organizer

I love my husband to bits, but two things that he scatters throughout our house are mail and keys. So, I designed this wood mail and key organizer with a chalkboard back told my husband what I wanted, sketched up a little design with some measurements, and gave them to him on his day off. I couldn't take the clutter anymore. It was driving me bonkers!

The wood, plywood backing, hooks, and chalkboard spray paint all and all costed $55. I already had some left over Ebony Stain from when I ripped off the carpet on my stairs and stained the treads, so I used that to stain the wood. 

Here is my handsome husband holding sweet baby Charlotte so I can do a quick spray on the plywood backing. 

The plywood backing was sprayed with three coats of Rustoleum Chalk Board spray paint. It dried quickly and was easy enough to assemble to the back of the wood with just a handful of screws.

I am so happy with the overall product, and am in fact selling them in my boutique now! I think that I am going to add some milk paint to the edges and sand it up a bit for the distressed look. When I do that I will add a new picture. LOVE my new mail and key organizer!! 

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