Friday, January 2, 2015

Shakeology vs. Herbalife

Shakeology vs. Herbal Life Ingredient Breakdown:


1. Whey based protein: helps develop muscle, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol, helps promote overall health and wellness. Whey protein helps regulate your thyroid as well!
2. Pea Protein: an easily digestible protein, keeps you fuller longer, and promotes lean muscle development. 
3. Pea Fiber: A natural fiber to keep you fuller longer and is linked to maintaining blood sugars.
4. Maca Root: helps regulate hormones and stabilizes your mood and amps up your energy!
5. Chia: is a complete protein (cool!!), fiber-rich, and packed with antioxidants!
6. Flax: has omega-3s and protects against cancer, diabetes, stroke, and heart disease!!
7. Yacon Root: Promotes a healthy gut and helps lower your cholesterol!

Here is an additional picture of the Chocolate Shakeology ingredients:


1. Soy Protein: Can promote cancer growth, impairs your reproductive system, can increase allergies, increase your thyroid levels, and ADD! 90% of all soy is GMO and very harmful. Here is a great article on the dangers of Soy by Dr. Joseph Mercola!
2. Fructose: is sugar found in fruits. Too much fructose is not good. It is the second ingredient in Herbalife. That means it almost equal to the amount of soy protein in the shake. Think about it this way: The serving size is two scoops of powder. One of those scoops is soy and the second scoop is sugar. Not healthy one bit. That is too much fructose being pumped into your diet. 
3. Cellulose Powder: an artificial man-made wood product to use as a thickener....sounds tasty...
4. Corn Bran: almost 90% of all corn is GMO and can contribute to health issues.
5. Artificial Vanilla Flavor: Synthetic chemicals.
6. Guar Gum: is used as a thickener.
7. Potassium Chloride:  ....Lethal injection.... Need I say more?

I think Shakeology is the clear winner here. Which would you drink: A healthy delicious meal replacement full of fiber, chia, pea protein, and whey or would you drink a shake full of soy, sugar, and filler...and lethal injection juice... umm... Shakeology wins!! 

If you are interested in joining me in my Shakeology journey contact me today!! Check out my Beachbody site here!  

Here is an additional picture of the Herbalife Formula 1 info:

This image was take directly from an Herbalife distribution site (LifeMana). As you can clearly see, the ingredients that I posted are as stated. I did an ingredient to ingredient post from first ingredient (most important) to the seventh ingredient. As you can see on both Shakeology and Herbalife's comparison's there are more than seven ingredients, but I stopped there both because my baby woke from her nap, and because you can get a clear picture as to the ingredient differences. I hope that this post helped you choose which shake is more beneficial to your diet. 


  1. Where is the list of actual ingredients? How do I know you're not just making up the ingredients. The picture only shows the nutritional value chart...also there is fructose in Shakeology as well, maybe not as much, but it is still in there.

    1. I added an additional image of the Herbalife ingredients so you can see for yourself. I was doing and ingredient to ingredient comparison post, and I apologize that that image didnt make it in the first time. Now you can see for yourself which is better. I hope my post helped you.

    2. The very first image is the back of a Shakeology and Herbalife packet which does list off ingredients to both, but they are small so that is probably why you couldnt see it.