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Shakeology vs. Body by Vi

Shakeology vs. Body by Vi

There are great benefits to adding in a meal replacement shake to your diet. For one, the ease of blending up a shake for a busy mom takes mere seconds. Also, the added protein and vitamins can improve with weight management and overall diet balance. As a nursing mother, I am very diligent about putting what is healthiest and most natural into my body because not only am I nourishing myself but I am feeding my child as well. This is my personal research on the two products: 


It is an all natural, non GMO, no-soy, whey or vegan meal replacement protein shake. Here are the ingredient lists:


As clearly labeled above, Shakeology contains all natural ingredients, no artificial flavorings, is whey, or brown rice based, filled with ingredients packed full of nutrition like quinoa, chia seeds, pea protein, fiber, and flax. All that in one scoop of powder to make one shake a day. That is amazing to me and the fact that it tastes delicious makes it even better!
Shakeology has 160 calories a scoop (to be consumed once a day) and is considered a meal replacement. You can also blend it with other things like banana or peanut butter for added calories. The protein in each shake at 16g to 17g per shake is enough to healthily sustain you and your diet needs. Chocolate Shakeology has 6g of sugar in it per shake. The sugar is plant based and all natural. If you are a Beachbody Coach, Shakeology's cost is about $100 a month. That sticker shock is usually what stops people. But, if you were to try and buy all the ingredients in one bag of Shakeology it would cost about $500 and who has time in their day to eat all the food individually? I know I don't! The fact that there are no artificial ingredients, no GMOs, no artificial sweeteners, and is full of healthy ingredients to keep you full and happy is great in my book!!

Body by Vi: 

As it is clearly labeled above, Body by Vi contains Soy as the primary protein base in the shake, which is incredibly unhealthy for you, and your body. Most soy is GMO filled and is linked to thyroid issues and other long term health issues. Here is a great article if you wish to read further on the harms of soy on your body: Dangers of Soy. Here is an even better article on the dangers of soy by Dr. Joseph Mercola! Also, the next thing is that it is advertised to "taste like a cake mix" but how can it taste like cake at such a low caloric intake? Sucralose.That is how. Splenda! Yuck! Splenda is so incredibly bad for you! Splenda increases your blood sugar and leads to gastrointestinal issues long term! The Sucralose and Soy alone are enough to keep me far away from Body by Vi. According to the Body by Vi website, they recommend drinking it for TWO meals a day, so 180 calories for two meals total. That is incredibly unhealthy. It also only has 12g of protein in it. That isn't enough protein to properly refuel after a workout, let alone sustain you. The prices range from $50 a bag up to a couple hundred... So, if you follow the instructions and drink two shakes a day you are also looking at $100 a month. 

Shakeology is the clear winner!! As a nursing mother I know that what I drink and eat directly effects not just my body but my child's body. Shakeology is 100% safe to drink during pregnancy and breastfeeding because it does NOT have any artificial additives and is 100% natural and healthy. I think that a great question you should ask yourself is, "Would I feed it to my child?" If the answer is "NO!" than you probably should not be eating it too! I give my kids Shakeology when they are sick, for the added nutrients, and I think it is great! If you are interested further in  Shakeology contact me today! Check out my Beachbody site here

Shakeology: Chemical-free, no artificial additives, and baby approved! 

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