Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Personal Trainer Vs. Personal BeachBody Coach

These are the Pros and Cons of having a Personal Trainer or having a personal BeachBody Coach written by someone who has been BOTH and had BOTH!
I have always worked out and I have eaten the same foods my whole life. There is no magic pill. There is no secret to weight loss. Diet and exercise combined will give you the best results. I was a trainer for about a year and have been a BeachBody Coach for a couple of months. These are my personal findings for both. Pros and Cons for both!! 

Personal Training:


1. One on one attention during your slotted hour.
2. If your trainer works out of a gym they have access to equipment, weights, and tools that the average home doesn't have.
3. Motivates you to push yourself to your limits!

1. Costs $50-$200 an hour
2. Gives you attention during your PAID time only!
3. Meets with you when they are available on their schedule.
4. Unless you are meeting with your trainer daily you likely will just be "another client".

Personal BeachBody Coach:


1. Available to you 24/7!
2. Motivates you to push you to your limits!
3. Knows you! Knows your name, your face, your body type. your food habits, your interests. your hobbies, your kids names, your husband's name and occupation. and knows if you have or have not been following the program!
4. Is your friend!
5. NO GYM NEEDED!!!! Workout at your house on YOUR schedule!


1. Does not have access to a gym full of equipment.
2.  In order to have a personal BeachBody Coach you must have signed up with the BeachBody website under a coach. No purchase necessary. Simply signing up here!
3. We will bug the crap out of you if you aren't doing what you are supposed to be doing!! :)

Long ago, in my pre-married life, I was a personal trainer. I was Fit and Fabulous. It lasted for a short time. I liked working one on one but I didn't like how things were run. I also had a trainer myself. I think I had him more for the eye candy than anything else. It was fun to show off. Everyone likes to show off!  My husband was a personal trainer for a couple years. He was a trainer (not where I was) when we met and continued to be a trainer into our second year of marriage. We each have a fitness background and extensive knowledge in the gym and fitness world.
This morning I went undercover and I met with a trainer at my gym and this is my personal experience. It started off with that general meet and great, he was looking right through me. never really meeting my eye. I could tell he had already made his mind up about me from the first Hello. He was nice enough, helpful enough, but it was almost scripted. He sat with me for thirty minutes assessing my calorie intake, food breakdown, weight, height, etc. He scribbled, I talked, we bantered. Nothing exciting. I was in the gym. I was ready to workout. We weren't working out. I was getting antsy. We finally moved to the personal training area of the gym to do my fitness test. You know, do as many push ups in a minute, run the stairs, hold plank...that one! I passed. I passed. I passed! Guess why I passed? PiYo taught me how to hold plank and do push ups. Did he teach me, nope. Had I ever done them with success before, nope! PiYo!!!! My session was an hour long and only ten minutes of that was my heart rate elevated. In an hour PiYo woud have had me drenched in sweat. Wasted an hour! 
When our hour was done I broached the Shakeology subject. I inquired, as if I hadn't already started drinking it, "Have you ever heard of it, I'm thinking of giving it a try! What do you think?" He immediately shot it down.  I asked, "Why?" He couldn't think of an answer. A moment later he told me I should be using a "Whey Isolate" so I asked him to pull it up on his fancy computer. Yes, it may only have 1g of sugar, but guess what else it had "Potassium Chloride". I pointed it out and said, "I wont drink that. That has potassium chloride in it...you know...lethal injection juice!" His eyes bugged, looked closer at the screen, sputtered, and said, "You are my hardest client!"
I had known the man for an hour and I was already the hardest client he has ever had. He went on to give me his credentials and tell me how he was running the regional training bla bla bla and nobody has ever given him as hard a time as I had in one hour. All I did was ask a question. So I ask you, do you ask questions or do you blindly follow?!

If you are interested in joining me in a question asking, all sizes wearing, and motivated team, please join me here

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