Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Steps to Success

Here are a few steps to success:
Get a physical: Let me start off by saying if you are getting ready to start a weight-loss journey of your own than the first thing you need to do is go to your doctor. The trainer at the gym is not a doctor, your girlfriend in your mom group is not a doctor, I am not a doctor, and unless your mother went to medical school she isn't a doctor either. Go to the doctor and get a complete physical and full blood panel done. An annual physical should be covered 100% under your health insurance. It will take one hour out of your life to get this done. Five minutes to schedule the appointment, ten minutes to get blood drawn, and forty five minutes to meet with your physician. These are all vital steps to maintain your personal health and get a head start on your personal weight-loss success.
NO Soda: The next thing that I will say is if you are drinking soda, eating any sugar-free chemical filled snacks or sweets, or taking diet supplements...STOP! Stop now. First, soda is horrible for you. Soda is as healthy for you as drinking a cup of Drano. You can even clean your toilet with a Coke...Let that sink in! If you stop drinking soda today I bet you will lose 5 pounds in one week! Its that easy and goes to show just how much sugar is in soda! Next, weight-loss supplements are packed full of chemicals that are harmful to your body and most have extreme amounts of caffeine in them. Consuming excessive amounts of caffeine is as addictive to you as cocaine. Caffeine is the most widely used self-administrated stimulant known to man. I highly recommend going caffeine-free all together, but if you can't do that at least attempt to cut it down as much as you can.
Cut Sweets in half: At the very least cut the sweets down by half. You can cut them out more than that if you want, but everyone deserves to look forward to a yummy TREAT (yes that is in all caps so that you know it is just that, a treat, not an every day thing)! I have limited my sweets to twice a week. It is just two sweet things a week. If I do it in one sitting... well then...I'm screwed until next week!
Increase your protein intake: If you are a meat eater, than a grilled chicken breast will become your new best friend. Amp that protein intake up. Start eating lean meats like you mean it! If you are a vegetarian, like me, than amp the nut and bean sources up. Sneak them in to everything. Salads, dinners, etc.
Veggies: If you don't like veggies than you aren't fixing them the right way. I used to think that I hated broccoli. Guess what? I love it. I just hate the way that my mom fixes it. She does a boil/steam combo to the point where it turns to this mush of a broccoli stem. It is gross. I, on the other hand, steam my broccoli with a dash of salt and pepper and could eat a whole head in one sitting. Steamed for 6 minutes on the dot makes for perfect broccoli. Cooked until oblivion, like the way my mom fixes it, does not! Stay away from salad dressings because they pretty much make the salad useless in terms of a healthy meal. Opt for hearty toppings instead, like chicken, nuts, fruit, feta cheese, etc. Figure out what tastes good to you and make it the way you like it!
Lifestyle change vs. Fad Diet: Changing your whole lifestyle is the key to a successful diet. You have to change your mind and your taste buds, but you can do it! My mother in law is the queen of the fad diet. Always something new that she has heard of and is trying. She looks the exact same today as the day I met her over six years ago. She has probably been on about ten different diets in the last six years and hasn't changed one bit. That is a perfect example of how fad diets don't work. Change your lifestyle and you will feel a change!
Pump up your workout routine: If you aren't seeing the numbers on the scale go down or losing any inches than change it up! Take a fitness class, get on a bike and ride for miles, or do a workout dvd that you have never tried before! I just recently changed up my routine! I have been doing cardio and lifting weights at the gym for years. YEARS!!! I just recently added in Beachbody's PiYo dvd series. it is amazing! First of all, I feel so much stronger than I did two weeks ago! I can hold plank for more than 5 seconds without feeling like I am dying, my arm muscles are starting to be defined, my calf muscles are sculpting in ways that the gym has never done for me. I am so happy that I ordered it! I highly recommend it! If you are thinking about ordering it too, you should. Here is a link: PiYo
I am down 2 inches around my belly since I started it two weeks ago!!

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