Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Rebooting My Diet

Let me start by saying a huge thank you to all my friends who have given me encouraging words this past week! It was scary sharing such a personal blog post with them, but I knew for my accountability I needed to let everyone in my immediate life know what I was going through and what I hoped for my future. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Next, let me remind you that I did not just start the path to healthy this past week. This is a renewing of goals and a re-commitment to myself. I already went to the gym, I already cooked from scratch and made whole foods, and I already made mountains of healthy choices. I am simply cutting out bread, cutting my carb intake by half, increasing my exercise regimen, and adding in Shakeology for lunch everyday. They are not hard goals, they are not large goals, and they are not scary goals!  My goal isn’t even to get to my “pre-baby” size. That is completely unreasonable and unattainable for me. I will have these stretch marks on my stomach, arms, boobs…and so many other places… forever! For…ev…er! My stomach will never be tight again! My breasts will always slide south. And I will always have a little extra junk in my trunk. I am okay with that. I am a mother and I wear my stripes proudly! However, I will push my body to be the strongest it can be! I will strengthen my body with good foods and lots of exercise! I will work harder than I ever have and I will be comfortable in my new skin!
Last week I made a pledge to myself, and you all, that I would do all that! I have! I spent last week rebooting my diet. I drank Shakeology for two days straight (morning, noon, and night) as my meals. I instantly lost 4 pounds. I slowly added real food back in and in smaller portions than I had been eating. I pumped up my veggie portions at dinner and cut my carb portions down. I did great all week…and then Saturday night rolled around and I was faced with a table full of desserts at my friend’s birthday 30th Birthday Party. This happens to be a huge problem for me as a vegetarian actually. There was a catered dinner but literally everything had meat on it, so guess what I ate as my dinner? If you guessed literally every single dessert known to man than you guessed correctly. I also drank a boat load of wine that night. I don’t normally drink, and when I do it usually only one glass. I think I had three glasses of wine that night. I was a lush drunk on sugar and wine. It was glorious! And you know what? Its okay to have days like that …ONCE in a while. Every now and then treating yourself to something yummy and fun is what makes us happy. Nobody wants to be deprived. Nobody wants to hate what they eat and only eat it because they have too and it is good for them. Enjoy the food you are eating, eat the fun things in moderation, and be happy has always been my motto!
Even with Saturday night’s festivities I managed to keep off the 4 pounds I had lost. My PiYo DVDs and month supply of Shakeology arrived over the weekend and I began it yesterday. I started yesterday as my Day 1 since it was my first full day of all things healthy and good. I began my morning by with my first PiYo workout! It went smoothly and it started my morning with a sweat. Next I got the kids ready for school and out the door. I hit the gym after and did the Cybex, burning over 300 calories (woop woop!) and did a couple rounds of TRX. After I was done at the gym I went to my first chiropractor and massage appointment since having baby Charlotte. It was divine! I needed it so bad! My muscles were so tight and I had so many knots in my back…and my feet…my goodness when he touched my feet I about melted. It’s amazing how powerful touch is to the human body! I need to go to the chiropractor and masseuse on a more regular basis, but it so hard to schedule an hour of time away from my kids! After my massage, I came home and drank my Shakeology and had a small salad. Overall, my food choices were clean and healthy and filling.

My goal is to have a similar routine to yesterday five of the seven days a week: PiYo in the morning, gym next, and Shakeology for lunch. I think that it is a realistic goal and I will be able to maintain it at least five of the seven days a week.  I will post again next week, about my “real” Week One (this week)!  

Here is my before picture! Scary! I would like to say it's bad lighting, bad angle, bad.... But it's the truth. Real picture of what I look like. Sigh. I will be posting a picture every week. 


  1. You are doing so well with jumping straight into Shakeology and PiYo! I can't wait to see all your future blog posts and your results! Great post :)

  2. This is so inspiring! I cant wait to see your results!

  3. Thanks ladies!!! Im trying to stay on track. Sadly, I crave bread most of all... :(

  4. I need your motovation to give up bread- that is my weakness too!! You gave me an epiphany or an "ah ha" moment when you said you realize you wont get back to pre-baby size. I have been beating myself up for years and years that I " just want to get back to my college size" and it has almost gotten me completely depressed at times when I have felt I have pushed myself so hard then gotten nowhere near it!! I would have to lose 40+ lbs and I am coming to grips with that isnt realistic and I need to make my peace with that and be okay with that. you made me realize I need to focus more on being healthy rather than a certain clothing size so thank you so much for that inspiration! I think I would rather my kids see me healthy and happy than pushing myself too hard to fast to be a certain size or weight, and I would rather feel happy and healthy and better in my own skin too!

    Thank you so much for your blog posts and congrats on losing those first 4 lbs!! Keep it up!!:)