Monday, November 3, 2014

New Me!

Today is a new day. I have made the decision to change my life today. Today I change my body and my mind. Today is a new day! Here are my plans regarding diet and exercise:
I am going to start by saying that I am a vegetarian and a picky eater. My diet consists of carbs and fruit with a small side of protein and veggie. My goal is to redistribute my portions, increase my protein and veggie intake, and cut down on the carbs and fats. Whole30 and Paleo are two wonderful diets to partake in, if you eat meat, but because I do not eat meat they would consist of lettuce with a side of lettuce. I am a breastfeeding mom to a three month old baby plus I have two preschoolers to care for…I need to eat more than lettuce to maintain some brain function and be able to produce breast milk for my baby!
Fats and Sugar:  Your body needs fats. I am not cutting them out completely, I am simply going to cut my current intake by half! A fat-free diet may make you lose some weight on a short term basis, but as a long term lifestyle it is so unhealthy. Your body needs those fats for your overall health. Also, I do not eat sugar-free packaged foods. The chemicals and additives in those foods are far worse for you than real sugar. I also do not eat a sugar replacement like Stevia or Spenda… Do not get me started on how horrible those are for you. If you are going to eat something sweet, bake it from scratch with real sugar because those real calories are far easier for your body to digest and burn off than the fake manufactured stuff!!!  
Soda:  I don’t drink soda. However, I do live in the south and occasionally partake in a glass of sweet tea. No, not every day. Not every week even. I would say on average two glasses a month. I plan to cut those out. Primarily I drink water. Lots and lots and lots of water. On average I consume 120oz of water a day. Yes, that is double your recommended minimum amount. I start my day with 16oz of water on an empty stomach before eating anything and continue drinking water throughout the day. Some days I barely drink 100oz and I feel so dehydrated without the extra water and other days I drink closer to 200oz and feel so much better. My goal is to make sure I get at least 150oz a day so that I don’t reach the dehydrated stage.
Sweets: Sweets… oh gosh… I do have a sweet tooth and I LOVE to bake… Baking happens to also be part of my business. I run a small cupcake shop out of my home. Yup. But guess what, I don’t actually eat the cupcakes. My husband is my taste-tester so I don’t have to worry about sampling the product prior to sale, he gets that job and doesn’t gain a pound (lucky bastard). Speaking of the lucky guy, he also loves junk food. He can eat a whole bag of Twizzlers in one sitting and lose weight. He’s a guy and it isn’t fair. I on the other hand, gain weight watching him eat said bag of Twizzlers and don’t even like the damn things.  I try to limit my sweets to once to twice a week. We all need something delicious in our life. I think that depriving one’s self just leads to a whole myriad of issues later on.
Protein: My main source of protein is from black beans, hummus, peanut butter, and protein powder. I plan on adding in quinoa and chia seeds add to those sources for a more rounded and lifestyle. This will also help cut down on my intake of carbs, which is my biggest downfall.
Carbs: Currently my biggest consumption throughout the day is various forms of carbs. Starting today I am completely cutting bread out of my diet. No, that does not mean I am going gluten or carb-free, it means that I am simply cutting out bread. That means no loafs of bread, no rolls, no delicious garlic knots at my favorite Italian restaurant…..drool…………..  I am cutting out bread. I have too. This does NOT include tortillas.  I also am cutting my pasta consumption down to ONE time per week. Typically I make a pasta dish about three times a week so this will help, but not deprive me. As I said in the protein portion, I am going to add in quinoa and chia seeds and I am hoping that I can make a couple quinoa dishes that can take the place of a carb or two in my life. Cereal is a hard one for me, because I eat a bowl of cereal every single morning. Skipping breakfast is A. Unhealthy and B. NOT and option for me. I feel physically ill all day if I do not get my bowl of cereal. I am going to switch exclusively to homemade granola and plain Greek yogurt for breakfast. I love granola anyways, but it is so expensive, so I rarely treat myself to it. I am going to make a batch today and I will post the recipe later. Last time I made my own granola I was 12 or 13. It’s been a long time, but I think I remember how too… haha!
Smoothies and Shakes: I plan on making a Green Smoothie every morning for my “snack” that consists of strawberries, blueberries, Greek yogurt, banana, and lots of spinach.  As for a daily shake, I am signing up to become a BeachBody Coach as I type this. I have thought long and hard about this decision and am finally making the plunge to lose the pudge. I plan on drinking a Shakeology drink everyday for lunch with a small Greek salad (Lettuce, cucumbers, a tiny crumbling of feta, and a drizzle of olive oil) to complete the meal. Typically the drink is used as a meal replacement, but adding in the little side salad will help keep me full and trick my brain into thinking I have a complete lunch. Now, Shakeology is going to be a big splurge for my budget at about $125 a month, but I will be paying for it out of my own pocket with my earnings from my cupcake business. Ironic that cupcakes will be paying for my shakes.
The Gym: Currently I make it into the gym at least three times a week. My daughter is only three months old so I have to pay extra for baby-care in the gym childcare center, but It is well worth it to both get “me time” and break a sweat. Now that she is three months and I am fully healed and most of my organs are back in their general spaces (or so I hope) I can do a bit more that I had been doing. I currently do 30 minutes on the elliptical and 30 minutes of weight lifting. I have an hour time limit in the baby-care, until she turns one and then it goes up to a two hour time limit. I have a busted up old treadmill in my playroom that has something messed up on the track and every minute or so it slips and if you aren’t holding on for dear life you will go flying back or crack your face on the bar… So I plan on getting on that and hoping that I hold on with all my might and don’t die during the kids nap time every day for about 20 minutes… 20 minutes is all my heart can handle on that thing b.c It beats twice as fast out of fear that I will in fact make headlines, “Treadmill Kills Mom While Kids Were Sleeping”…. Ya, that wouldn’t be so good. Then, when the kids wake from their naps I plan on taking them for a walk at least three times a week. It is starting to get cold out, so some days will just be too cold or too windy go but I hope that at least three days a week it will be nice enough to bundle up and put my older two in the double jogger and wear my baby in the sling and go for a moderately paced power walk so as not to jiggle the baby too much! Also, I just ordered Piyo (power Pilates type workout) through my BeachBody coach package and will be starting my morning at 6am every morning (yawn!!!) with a Piyo workout. In order to lose weight I need to do LOTS of cardio, which is where the walks and gym comes in, but the Piyo will be a great way to sculpt my body in a way that the gym can’t. I used to take a power Pilates class twice a week, so I know what to expect and I know what my body can do. I’m excited!
You all might be wondering why now? Why start a new lifestyle with a new baby, the holiday’s just weeks away, and plans of a fourth child in a very near future… Well my friends, why not now? I have woken so many times in the night and lay awake dreaming of a day that I love the way that I look, again, and love the way that I feel. Right now I feel gross. I feel bloated and yucky and can’t wait to shed this weight. I do not have unrealistic goals. My goals are honest and truthful to whom I am as a mother and human. My goals are not restrictive and I am not taking drastic or unhealthy measures to achieve them. My goal is lose exactly 70lbs. Yes, 70 pounds. Right now I weigh the exact same as the day I delivered my last child at 39.5 weeks pregnant. I know I will always be a size large, but I want to be a toned and fit size large and not a flabby and frumpy size large. I am 5’ 9” so the 70lbs is distributed evenly throughout my body. I want to lose weight and more importantly inches. I don’t want to stress about my stomach jigging or my arms flapping. My thighs have always touched and I have always had a badonkadonk, but now I have more than I want. When I met my husband I was 160lbs. That sounds like a lot to some, but I looked amazing. I was toned and fit and looked fabulous. I can say that now, because it’s true. Now, I weigh 269lbs. That is scary to admit. I have never said it out loud. My husband doesn’t know how much I weigh. I will never tell him. He knows I don’t look the same as when we first met/married, but he has no idea how much I weigh. I am making this journey public because I want to help you and I want to make myself accountable. I am a happily married mother of three that is looking to pull out the best, most fabulous, version of my inner self. I want to both look and feel healthy and fit again. I want my husband to say, “You look amazing!” and I sure want to feel amazing! We all deserve to feel beautiful and hot!

*Note: I have been checked out for all things like thyroid, sugar/diabetes, cholesterol levels, etc. All are 100% normal and in the awesome/healthy range.  

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