Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Fit, fat, and fabulous!

It's a common misconception that you can both be fit and have a coat of fat. It's time for me to shed that coat! Right now I am very fit, fat, and am fabulous!
I workout several times a week pushing myself to my limits with each workout. I can easily lift 30lbs in dumb bells, I can press together 190lbs with the hip abducture, squat press 80lbs, and leg press 500lbs. My arms are strong, my core is strong, and my legs are powerful! I am fit, fat, and fabulous!
I am working to shed my coat of fat. I have been working at it since I put the coat on almost 5 years ago. I gained 100 lbs when I was pregnant with my first child. 100 lbs. Let that sink in for a moment. He was my first child. I thought you were supposed to eat for two, I thought that working out wasn't safe during pregnancy, and I quit working to be a stay at home (expecting) mother. Those three factors played a huge roll in my excessive weight gain. I relished every moment of lazily laying on the couch catching up on Real Housewives season one to infinity! I enjoyed eating unhealthy foods "because I'm eating for two"! I happily lounged in my ever expanding yoga pants, because it was what made the baby comfy! I was not fit or fabulous!
As soon as I had my baby, I looked in the mirror and did not recocognize myself. My body was lumpy in places I had never seen lumps, I was exhausted from caring for a newborn that seemed to never sleep. I was ugly. I was sad that I felt ugly,  but the truth was ugly staring back at me. I was not fabulous, but vowed to get fit! I got a gym membership that had a childcare provided, started working out again, my baby started sleeping through the night, and I started feeling a little better about myself. I put in some serious work at the gym. I lost 0 pounds. Zero. Zilch. Nadda. I was fit and fat but not fabulous.
When my son was 11 months old I got pregnant again. I had extreme morning sickness. I threw up on average 6-10 times a day from 6 weeks until I gave birth to her at 39 weeks. It was a hard pregnancy because I was so exhausted from constantly throwing up, never having food in my stomach, and taking care of a toddler! I felt like a starving model with no brain cells. My reflection, in the mirror, told another story. Thankfully, I didn't gain any weight with my second pregnancy. None at all. She was 9lbs at birth and healthy as could be. I had a much easier recovery from my second delivery than my first, so I was back at the gym 2 weeks after I popped her out. I was determined. Determined to lose all the weight I was still carrying around 2 years later from my first child! I was determined to shed the coat of fat. I picked of the dumb bells, I climbed on the elliptical, and I squated my heart out. I was fit and fat but not fabulous.
I was ready for a make over! For the last two years I had given up. I wore clothes that weren't flattering, I didn't do my make up with care, I hardly ever did my hair, so I looked as bad on the outside as I felt on the inside. I decided then and there that it didn't matter what the scale said, I was going to be fabulous. Just because the scale screamed "I don't go this high! Get off before you break me!" I wasn't going to let that bring me down. I pulled my hair straightener out and blew off the proverbial dust, treated myself to all new makeup, and bought some flattering and beautiful dresses and cute workout clothes. I am a girly girl. I always have been, but outgrowing all my pre-baby clothing kind of sent me down a dark path of frump. I never want to go back to frumpy dumpy new-mom me. I am fit, fat, and fabulous.
Just because I am fat, doesn't mean I can't be fit or fabulous! I workout, do my make up, curl my hair, get my nails done every now and then, and wear cute clothes. Fabulous comes in all sizes and shapes! I am fit, fat, and fabulous!
By the time I got pregnant with my third child I was working out everyday and had my pre-babies stamina back. I had lost zero pounds but I had gained a good bit of my muscle tone back. I felt great! I felt fabulous! I worked out every day throughout my pregancy until about 4 weeks before I had her. I didn't want her to come early and I was already dilated and would have intense contractions anytime I worked out, so I went ahead and stopped. As soon as I had her I was already counting down the days I could sneak back into the gym. I was a fit, fat, and fabulous new mom!
My littlest is now three months old! I am determined to shed this coat of fat and be both fit and fabulous with only a little bit of fat...just know so when my kids sit on my lap they are comfy...and when I give them hugs they snuggle in to my warmth and softness...and so when they are sick they can use me as a pillow... I am fit, and fat, and fabulous! 


  1. Hey Nona,
    As always I love reading your blog! Its wonderful to see the perspective from another mom who is one kid ahead of me;) I could relate to all bits and pieces of this post!! I am about the same weight now as when I got married BUT I weigh 40+ lbs more than I did when I was in college (I'm 29, so about 10 yrs ago). I also gained 65 lbs immediately after getting married (I wish I could blame that on pregnancy but nope, I literally just let myself go, nothing more to it! Quit excercising and ate junk 24/7 with no excuse or reason as for why...I guess I just didn't think I would gain THAT much!!), lost it all, gained some back when pregnant this last time, and am in the middle of where I was weightwise from all of that, at the moment!

    Anyway, currently I am not thrilled about my weight either. I actually the other day had the thought of "the holidays are coming, and I want a 3rd baby soon (we plan on ttc in January), so why bother?" and then I read your post and it gave me that extra motivation to get going and keep going!!

    We knew after having our first, that whatever babies we were going to have we wanted pretty back to back. Not sure if we will be done after having 3 or not (mainly depends on the pregnancy since I had serious complications with baby #1, and lesser complications with my 2nd, but I still had if I have a better pregnancy I would be more inclined to go for 4+ kids! and I would love more than 3, but not if I have to be hospitalized again like with my 1st! we will see! one pregnancy/baby at a time!!:)).

    Anyway I've been feeling a bit more fabulous since reading that! I am already fit, but I felt fat and NOT fabulous for the longest time especially since the scale just wasn't budging!! So thank you for that motivation!!:) I would write more but need to start breakfast!

  2. And keep the blogs coming! I love your motivation and creativity!:)