Friday, September 5, 2014

Nautical Birthday Party

Cooper, my son, recently turned four. His favorite place on earth is beach. He has been talking about "his party at the beach" for months and months and it finally happened!! It was so fun hanging with friends at the beach and playing in the sand to celebrate Cooper's birthday. It was my first first party away from the house and that was the hardest part of the whole party. Packing up the minivan, trekking everything out on the beach, keeping things from blowing away, keeping sand out of the food, and then loading everything back up... It was EXHAUSTING but Cooper had a blast and that is all that matters! Who cares if the pesto pasta had a bit of an extra crunch of sand and the doughnuts kept wanting to fly away... :)  

Happy Birthday Banner!

Beach pail thank you's for guests

Doughnut tower of "life rafts" 

Pesto Pasta 


Watermelon stars

Ocean Water (blue dyed soda)

Drink bucket

Hot dogs and corn

Happy soon-to-be family of five! Blast of a birthday and Cooper had an awesome time playing with his friends!
(Baby Charlotte was still in my belly - 37 weeks pregnant)

Chloe covered in sand :)

Cooper at his favorite place on earth after an awesome party!

His party was a blast! We all had fun eating, drinking, and having a sandy 'ol time! I tried to keep the food and decorations as simple as I possibly could so I wouldn't stress myself out. I used my Cricut to make the decorations and I just did some simple foods to satisfy guests. Also, I decided not to make cupcakes for Cooper's party and instead bought two dozen Krispy Kremes (yum!!) because I knew the cupcakes would melt in the 100 degree heat would just be piles of hot messes. The doughnuts held up for the whole 10 minutes they were on the tower before they got gobbled up. :)

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