Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Back to School We Go!!

School is back in session!!! Cooper headed off to four year old preschool last Tuesday and Chloe started two year old preschool on Wednesday! My babies are no longer babies! This is Cooper's third year of preschool and will be Chloe's first. Cooper is going five days a week and Chloe is going three days a week. This gives baby Charlotte and I some one on one time and also gives Cooper and Chloe the extra days to play and learn with their friends.

I love hearing their stories about what they learned at school that day! I love the school they are at dearly. The teachers and staff are all so kind! Cooper pointed out a little boy today, at pick up, and said, "Mommy, that's my best friend!" Up until now his best friend has been has Teddy. I have never heard him refer to someone else as his BEST friend. Sure, he has friends and loves to play with them but has never titled them his BEST friend. He also told me, "Aw, that's so sweet of you to buy milk. Good job mommy!" so he could have just been in a very loving mood at the moment.

Chloe's stories of school crack me up. Her vocabulary is pretty extensive, for a two year old, but she tells it in little bits and pieces. First I get to hear about the bubbles. The bubbles. The bubbles. Then more bubbles. An hour later she will tell me about the fun time she had playing outside. Oh wait...and then there are the bubbles again! I ask her everyday if she has made any friends and she just says, "I played with my friends!" so I can only hope that she is making friends. Up until now she has only played with her big brother's friends or siblings of her big brother's friends and hasn't actually made any friends of her own. My only hope for this year is that she establishes some relationships of her own and loves to learn as much as her big brother does!

Cooper is so stinking smart is scares me sometimes. The things that come out of his mouth never stop amazing me. He loves to learn. LOVES to learn! I think I get asked 238942 questions a day by him, and I am sure his teacher does too. "Why is that sign blinking?" "How do you make that?" and the list goes on and on.... I love going through his folder after school and seeing what he worked on. To non-parents it would just look like a pile of scribbled papers and cut outs, but to parents we see the effort that they put in trying desperately to carefully write their names, attempt to stay in the lines, and there may be glue all over it but gosh darn it's the most beautiful thing ever!

I'm so excited about what is to come of this year! I can't wait to see what will come next!

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