Monday, August 18, 2014

Welcome the newest member of the Cooper and Chloe Family!

Welcome to the world, baby Charlotte Rose! She was born three weeks ago at 8 pounds 8 ounces! We are overjoyed and she is such a snuggly baby! It was such a fast and easy labor and delivery! I had my first contraction at around 11:30 pm and delivered her at 4:15 am (almost) drug-free. The (almost) drug-free part was not my choice, but I was already 9cm dilated by the time the epidural was put in and immediately turned off. What a waste of a giant needle going in my back! Haha! Regardless, she was well worth it...even though I felt the ring of fire for the very first time! Ouch!!! 
Recovery was easy as well. I think with each child my recovery time has decreased, which is fabulous especially when you have two older ones to take care of also! Charlotte is a fabulous eater and loves to use my boobs as her personal pillows! I bought the Maya Wrap Sling so that she can do just that, but so I can be hands free! 
Cooper goes back to preschool in two weeks and Chloe starts for the first time so Charlotte and I will have some extra bonding time! I am worried that they aren't getting the full attention that they were so used to receiving, but I know in the long run it will just develop their relationship and independence. I love them dearly and I make sure to tell them that every day, even if it is when my boob is leaking, I have no make up on, and Charlotte is grunting and nuzzling her face into my other boob. The joys of motherhood! :)
My heart is full of joy and happiness and even though I feel like I haven't slept since I was about six months pregnant I feel like I am grinning from ear to ear all day long! Maybe it is the delirium setting in, but I am genuinely so happy! :)


  1. Congrats Nona!! She is beautiful and you look great, too!!:) The part you put about the epidural not working is why I went all natural this last time- I was given a 5 minute window of being able to get it but was told that it would most likely take effect AFTER I already pushed my baby out so I just did without it! It wasn't bad at all (well not as bad as I was expecting anyway!), and I will probably do it that way in the future too!

    I can relate to your part about worrying about attention for your older kiddos- I only have two (so far!) but I did worry a lot about that as well prior to giving birth this time. Any fears I had about that quickly went away when I saw (and still see!) the sheer joy of my two kids playing with each other and how much my older loves my baby!! there is simply nothing in this world like sibling love!! I can't wait to have more kids for that reason, its just so awesome to watch siblings bond and love each other! we may very well end up having 4 or more kids for that reason! I love that they have each other and that they have a close bond!! My older tells everyone that her brother is her best friend and that brings me such happy tears!:) I do try to lavish as much "extra love" on her as I can to make sure my older know she's still super loved and has a special place in her family, and I think that really helps and we haven't had any jealousy issues so far!!

    I wanted to let you know that I started utilizing one of your tips you mentioned previously- loading the dishwasher at night to run it and waking up to clean dishes! I never used to do that before I read your post and omg it makes things SO much easier and makes me feel so much more organized!! It really makes a WORLD of difference in my day each day! So thank you!! Keep the tips coming, I love reading your blog!!!:) Hopefully you can give some good tips on being organized with life in general with 3 kids, so that when I have 3 kids someday, I will be even more organized!;)

    Congrats again! Good to see you and baby and your family are all doing well!!:)

    1. Glad the dishwasher tip helped you out!