Sunday, May 4, 2014

Recovered Bar Stools





I was gifted two bar stools from a friend of mine who was moving. The wicker seats did not match my decor so I decided to make them more "me"! I gave them a fresh coat of black paint, sawed off the top nobbies, and then covered them with foam, batting, and fabric. I ended up using one and a half yards of foam and batting and two yards of fabric per bar stool, which was a lot more than I thought I would use. I had to make two trips to the store because when I had originally bought those lengths I thought it was enough for both and instead ended up using everything I had bought for just one stool. Oops! Lesson learned that you should always measure large! I secured everything with my staple gun and didn't have to sew anything. I love how they turned out and think they go great at my kitchen bar! 


  1. Good job in recovering those bar stools! I really like the fabric that you chose, which has a very modern color, but has a classic print that looks almost Victorian. I love it! I'm sure those would look great on your kitchen bar.

    Albert Andrews @ Pharaoh Manufacturing

    1. Thanks so much! Just saw this comment, sorry, way late! I have since built new barstools but used the same fabric! :)