Friday, May 2, 2014

New Mom Savings Guide

My darling daughter at one week old! She is now two years old!!

1. Sign up for formula checks with specific companies. Even if breast feeding works out for you and your baby you can always give away what you don't need. I signed up, for free, with all of my children while I was pregnant with them. I just signed up baby #3! I, of course, hope to be able to breastfeed but its better to go ahead and sign up and have free goodies coming to your house than find out you desperately need it and then waiting for them to come. Similac has a Strong Moms program and sign up is here. Enfamil has a Family Beginnings Program and sign up is here. Both programs mail you formula checks, that you use like coupons to get cheaper (and even free) formula, samples of formula, and lots of other freebie goodies! I also signed my mom up because they don't send the same things to everyone (no idea why) and its always nice to have extra. For example, with my daughter they only sent me formula checks, but for my mom they always sent boxes of formula. It was great being able to use both and wonderful that my mom lives so close so I can use her! :)

2. Order your FREE breast pump! This doesn't need to happen until 30 days before your due date because that is when your order will process. I have mine already on order with Yummy Mummy, but they wont ship it out until a couple weeks before my due date. I am a bit of an over planner you may be able to see... Call your health insurance company and find out what you need to do to get your FREE pump. My insurance company emailed me a list of companies that I could order my pump from. I chose Yummy Mummy because I could do it all online. My checkout total is $0 for a Medela Pump in Style, which goes for about $350 at Target. How awesome is that??? Also, lactation specialists are now covered under the new laws. I don't know exactly how it works, because they were not covered for my last two kids and this will be my first kid that they are (yay!!). So, if you need one don't hesitate to make a call to a lactation specialist in your town now that they are covered by your insurance!

3. Using coupons on baby items will help save you so much money! I did a post a while back about saving money on Pampers and Huggies at CVS, here.  Coupons in general are an awesome tool and are even more awesome when you are getting the same great products for less. There are coupons available for almost every baby item available such as diapers, wipes, baby wash, diaper pails/refills, and even baby gear! Recently I got a jogging stroller at Target for a whopping $50 with tax just by pairing a promotion they were running, a coupon they had out, and using my Red Card. It made my day! You can't even buy a used jogging stroller (in decent condition) for $50! The extra stroller will come in handy for sure and was well worth the $50! :)

4. Buying your baby's clothes with a money off coupon (ex: $10 off $20 purchase) and just buying a couple items, that are marked down, to get to that $20 mark (or what ever the coupon states) will help you save a lot of money on new clothes for your baby. Once your baby is born, take care of those clothes! Remove the stains before they set in, make sure to keep them in decent condition, and then once your child has outgrown them you can go sell them to places like Kid 2 Kid and Once Upon a Child for cash!! Use that cash to buy the next size up and keep going! It is a great way to spend very little out of pocket on that ever growing wardrobe your child will have. Also, speaking of their wardrobe let me give you a quick lesson on just how little you will need for the first months (newborn-6 months): 10 pajamas, 10 onesies, a couple outfits, a couple mix and match bottoms/tops, etc. That is it. I learned my lesson with my first. Seriously he had over 100 articles of clothing before he was even born. Some were gifts, but most I had bought. He wore maybe half of what he had before he had outgrown it. For my second child, my daughter, I was so much smarter about what she needed and only bought a couple things. I am doing that again for baby #3. I know how fun it is to shop for your little bundle, but just remember they really don't need that much! :)

More to come at a later date. Questions or comments appreciated!

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