Thursday, April 3, 2014

Couponing 101

Total before coupons: Over $60
Total after coupons: $7 with tax

Cooper and Chloe: Couponing 101
·         Coupon matchups:  
·         Internet Printable Coupons: 
·         Sign up with manufacture websites for additional savings
·         Clip coupons from the newspaper ($1.50 for Star News or $2 for the News and Observer)
·         Order whole insterts from  or individual clipped coupons from www.Couponsthingsby      

Order to hand coupons over to cashier:
1.     Money off coupons (ex: $5 off your purchase of $20 or more)
2.    Cell phone coupons (any coupon apps or txt message coupons)
3.     Store coupons
4.    Manufacture coupons

Harris Teeter and Lowes Foods:
1.     Doubles 20 coupons per day below $0.99. Ex: A $0.75/1 coupon doubles to become $1.50 off one item. Makes for lots of cheap and free items.
2.    Every 6-8 weeks they run specials like “Super Doubles” (coupons under $2 double in value) and “Triples” (coupons below $0.99 triple in value).

1.     Extra Care Bucks (ECB) are a CVS specific rewards system. Each week there are specials in the ad that state “Buy $20 worth of product receive a $5 ECB back” for example. This is a great way to lower your OOP expense on daily household products. ECB promotions often have a limit of one per week per promotion.
2.    Magic Coupon Machine: Make sure to scan your card at the big red machine. Store coupons print out that can be paired with manufacture coupons!
3.     Cash back: CVS offers a 2% cash back on everything you spend quarterly. These print out at the magic coupon machine and you spend them like ECB.

1.     Find their store coupons on, txt “offers” to 827438 to receive store coupons to your smart phone, and download the Cartwheel app to your smartphone to save the most amount of money.
2.    You can use a store coupon, a cartwheel coupon, and a manufacture coupon all on the same item at Target! Lots of great deals!
Important to remember: Just because you have a coupon for it does NOT mean it is a good deal. Also, be respectful and kind to your cashier. A smile goes a long way!

Total before coupons: $55
Total after coupons: $5 with tax

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  1. I almost totally forgot to add that you didn't mention formula checks in all the couponing stuff you posted- every new mom and mom-to-be needs to know about those!! Ahh they are awesome! I stack formula checks and manu Q's and have gotten 100% of my baby's formula for free!:) I did not figure that out until my daughter was 6 months old (well really I didn't discover couponing at all until that point in time) and so wish I had figured that out so much sooner! Even if moms plan on breast feeding, definitely sign up and if you end up EBFing for a year, you can just give all your formula checks to other moms who formula feed (I know a lot of my friends have done that for me who EBF their babies, and its so beyond helpful!! because formula is expensive if you pay OOP as you probably know!!)!;)