Sunday, March 23, 2014

Top Five Baby Must Haves!

Let me start by saying that I am not getting paid to write this or advertise for these products. I am simply sharing the best baby products that I have found to be the most useful and cost effective over the years! I have two small children, ages three and two, and a third baby on the way! These are all products I have used, loved, and am sharing with all you new mommies to make your shopping list a little easier.

1. My most favorite baby product is the Ergo. There are so many baby wearing devices, but none compare to the Ergo with strength, durability, safety for your baby, and ease for you! You just plop your baby in, clip it to you, and you are done! Hands free for as long as you and your baby are happy. The price tag is a little on the higher side, but it is worth the cost. 
These range in cost from $100-$120 depending on sales. Also, you can look on craigslist or other local resale sites and buy used ones for cheaper!

2. My second favorite baby product are the Avent baby bottles, both in 4oz and 9oz sizes. They have a wide neck, so pouring the formula in is not an issue and the wide body of the bottle makes it easy to grip for little learning hands. I have used Avent bottles for both of my children and will again with my third. 
These range in price, depending on size of the bottle and how many to the pack. They are price comparable to other bottles. 

3. Disposable Diapers. Period. To be a little more specific I love both Huggies and Pampers. Now, you may be shaking your head going "How can you love two different brands?" Well, I will tell you!
Huggies: Plain and simple they are the best diapers for poop explosions. And yes, your kid will have at least one massive explosion in his first year of life and more than likely a handful more to come! The fitted back of the Huggies diaper helps hold in all that sloshy baby mess just long enough for you to carry your child to the waiting tub for a disinfecting bath-time.
Pampers: They are the most absorbent diapers for pee. I always put my kids in Pampers for night-time so that way there sleep isn't disturbed by being a wet mess of pee. 
Typically I put my kids in Huggies during the day and save Pampers just for night-time since Pampers do cost more than Huggies. 
These range in price depending on sales and coupons you may you use. I always find the best diaper deals at CVS drugstore and don't ever pay more than $5 a pack with coupons and the sales. Here is a link to my post on How To Get Cheap Diapers! 

 4. The Britax infant carseat. It is one of the most top rated infant carseats and has remained at the top pretty much since they were invented. The price tag is comparable to other infant carseats and they often go on sale so keep your eyes peeled for a deal! I found mine on clearance at Target for $105! Awesome price!! 
Note: Never buy a used carseat. 

5. A jogging stroller is a must! There is no need to buy one of those travel sets with the horrible plastic wheels and just a whole lot of plastic latches asking to snap off making the whole thing unusable. All you need is a mid-level jogging stroller! The rubber tires are inflatable, like a bicycle, it steers with such ease, and they simply fold in half and fit in your trunk no problem. I love how easy jogging strollers are! I bought my single jogging stroller at Target for $50 during a promotion they were running plus a $20 off $100 baby coupon and a 20% off baby item coupon! I also have a double jogger that was my Mother's Day present after my daughter was born.  A lot of people are scared to buy double jogging strollers because they think they wont fit through doors, in stores, etc, but I have never had that problem. I have fit through every door I have tried with no problems and have never had a problem maneuvering my double jogger in a store. I borrowed my friend's double front to back stroller once and hated it. It felt like I was pushing a train and the tires were horrible. I was working way too hard to maneuver the train of a stroller and couldn't wait to get back to my jogger! I love both and both will get years and years of use!
Note: Unless you are an avid runner, make sure to get a jogging stroller with a swivel front wheel (as pictured above) instead of a locked wheel. It will make for much easier, one handed, pushing.

I hope this post was helpful for all you new mommies! Good luck on your new adventures! 

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