Monday, March 24, 2014

Monkey Themed Birthday Party

My Daughter just turned two years old and I threw her a Monkey Themed Second Birthday Party! It was a blast! We call her our little monkey because she is a very adventurous climber and has shown no fear when it comes to trying almost anything. I thought that a monkey themed party would fit her well and she loved it! 

Here is my little monkey eating her banana split!

Cooper eating his banana split!

Here is my husband, myself, and Chloe at her party. I love this picture of us!

Here is a picture of my monkey opening her birthday presents.

Here is a shot of the table decked out in pink, my daughter's favorite color, and monkeys! 

Plates and utensils

Cupcake Tower: Chunky Monkey Cupcakes and Cookies and Cream Cupcakes


Banana Split Bar

Banana Split Bar

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Sweet Potato Chips

PB&Js for the kids

Turkey Club Wraps

All the essential liquids at any party: beer, juice, and soda!  

Monkey's hang'n out

Chloe is OBSESSED with balloons so of course I had to get her some!

Thank yous

"Thanks for swinging by Chloe's party!"

I made all the cupcakes, food, banner, and tags for food and cupcake toppers. It was pretty easy to make everything and kept the ideas small so I wouldn't overwhelm myself. I cut all  the monkeys out with my Cricut and I used Word to create the tags. I also made Chloe's birthday dress, which she loved and I will have to try and take some two year old pictures of her in it. Chloe got a trampoline for her birthday present and the kids spent most of the party bouncing on it and having a blast in the gorgeous 70+ degree weather. We all had a blast that day and loved seeing all our friends and family! I love birthday parties! 


  1. Hey Nona, I remember you from a local mommy forum we used to be in together (well I am still on there)! Love reading what you and your kids are up to and seeing pics!! Congrats on baby #3!! Do you know if you're having a boy or a girl yet?

    I just delivered my 2nd, a little boy, so I now have one of each too! I had him in December (with WH ob/gyn and the same Dr- this time I went all natural though, very unplanned as in I didn't know I was even in labor until an hour before I pushed my baby out!! terrifying but awesome at the same time and I want another natural drug free birth next time!! my first was the opposite, pitocin and epidural, and I definitely liked my second birth way better, hands down!!:), and we are already talking about when we want to have baby #3 so I'm sure I will be there soon enough! Most days in my house I have 3 under 3 though (2 yr old, the 1 yr old I babysit,and my newborn) and its crazy but so much fun at the same time!! I have the kids on a good schedule though and that makes it easier!! I have a blast with those 3!!:)

    I loved your post about baby essentials!! I have to agree about the huggies and pampers, and you're right, most people pick one or the other but they are BOTH great for different reasons!! I need a good carrier too and don't have one, so thank you for that recommendation!! I am in the market for a good double stroller at the moment so if you have any recommendations please do share!! I need to buy one asap and its so hard to decide!!!

    I loved your gardening article too, I had no idea how easy a garden could be!!

    Could you please write about couponing sometime too? You are the only person I know of around here who is anywhere near as serious about couponing as I am, so I would love to read more about your couponing adventures if you are still into that!!

    Thanks again!! I have so much fun reading this blog!!:) Have a Happy and healthy rest of your pregnancy!:)


  2. Thanks for the update! I hope all is well!