Saturday, November 2, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from a Pirate and a Parrot!

I used about 20 yards of tulle to make this tutu-dress costume! I debated back and forth about adding wings, but decided to leave it as it was and let it just be a tutu-dress versus and more accurate rendition of a parrot.

I think she looks so stink'n cute! :)

The back of the dress with all the fun parrot colors! 

My Pirate wasn't into his picture being taken.

He finally looked up and you can see a little more detail on his costume. :)

Both costumes took me a few hours/nights to make. I worked on them after the kids went to bed for about two weeks. Chloe's was just tedious from the endless cutting and tying of the tulle and Cooper's was much more detail oriented with sewing the coat and trimming out the edging with gold and lots of buttons. I sewed his pants and made his boots as well. I bought the hat and the white button up and decided to leave out a sword or an eye patch because who wants their kids waving a sword around and I knew the eye-patch would just turn into a fight not worth having. The weather was HOT on Halloween this year and it ended up being 80 degrees out when we were walking around. My son was sweating by the end of the night from all his layers.
We went trick or treating in our neighborhood and the kids made out like bandits. My house is still loaded down with candy that I am wishing would magically disappear before my husband and I eat it all. I hope everyone had a great Halloween and let me know what you thought of the costumes!

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