Tuesday, May 21, 2013

How To Get Cheap Diapers!

Me and my youngest a whole year ago in the peak of my diaper changing career! 

I am a mother of two small children and with that comes lots and lots and lots of diaper changes. At one point I was changing roughly twenty diapers a day between my two children. Thankfully my oldest is almost potty trained! I am so excited to go back to a mere seven to ten diapers a day rather than the upwards of twenty!
 When I was pregnant with my first child I considered doing cloth diapers. I weighed the pros and cons and ultimately decided it was not right for me. If you can do it than more power to you! This post is for all the moms who use disposable diapers and are looking to get them for as cheap as possible! 

1. Let's get over our brand loyalty: We all have a favorite brand for our child, but if you can learn to not be brand exclusive that will save you a TON of money! Sales on diapers alternate between brands roughly every couple of weeks. I'm sure you have been in the store, down to your last diaper in the diaper bag and picked up a box of diapers that you are brand exclusive too and they were not on sale. Did it sting a little knowing you were paying full price for something that you need for your child and kind of wished it happened to magically be on sale that week? Let's try and prevent that from happening in the future, and I will show you how!
2. Worst places to buy diapers: Grocery stores are usually the worst place to buy diapers. Their prices are jacked up because they are counting on you trying to be convenient and not drive to a different store just for your more personal essentials.  Walmart is the second worse place to buy diapers. Have you ever looked at Walmart's Roll Back signs? Some times they are only a couple pennies different than the original sticker price. Walmart also counts on you convenience shopping. Babies R Us or Toys R Us is the fourth worst place to buy diapers. They often run gift card promotions where you will receive a $10-$15 gift card, but you have to spend an upwards of $50-$100 on diapers. That is outrageous!
3.  Best places to buy diapers: DRUGSTORES! Yes, it needs all caps because it is that good! Seriously, I think drugstores are the very best place to buy diapers because drugstores have loyalty programs. My absolute favorite drugstore to buy diapers at is CVS and I will show you why in a minute. Target is my second, and or back up, to drugstores. Target often does gift card promotions on their diapers (ex: buy two boxes of Huggies get $10 Target Gift Card), but you still end up spending a lot out of pocket to earn a small gift card. 
4. Stock up on your diapers! You never want to get to the point where you are down to your last couple of diapers and have to go pay full price! Look at the sales ads each week, print out a couple diaper coupons, pair the sales ads with diaper coupons and stock up on your cheap diapers!! I aim to save at least 50% on all my diaper purchases, and if I can save more that is even more awesome! 

Drugstore loyalty programs will save you a ton of money on diapers! My favorite drugstore is CVS! Each week CVS comes out with a new sales ad that lists items that you can earn Extra Care Bucks (ECBs) on. These items are highlighted, so don't worry, you won't miss them! Every few weeks diapers go on an ECB promotion. CVS alternates between Huggies and Pampers so take advantage of both brand promotions!! For example, this week Huggies is on an ECB promotion, "Buy $30 of select diapers receive $10 ECB", and is featured in a bubble in the ad with the select diapers and Pull-Ups pictures. Each pack is priced at $10, so three packs of diapers or Pull-Ups brings your total to the needed $30 mark to receive the $10 ECB promotion for your next purchase. 

On top of the sale you can use BOTH manufacture and CVS coupons on both your total purchase and the individual items you are buying! For example, when you register your CVS card at CVS.com you are then signed up to receive emails from them. Sometimes CVS will send out money off coupons for your total purchase like $5 off your next $25 purchase, etc. Always hand over any money off coupons before any other coupons you may have! Then, you can use manufacture coupons on the individual items you are purchasing. Also, you can stack a CVS coupon for that same product on top of the manufacture coupon! For example, there is currently a $2 off Pull Ups coupon that is a CVS coupon and there is a manufacture $2 off coupon that can be paired together to save a total of $4 off one package of Huggies Pull Ups!  The best part of shopping at CVS are the ECBs that you earn from buying certain items and can then use them on your next shopping trip to reduce your total out of pocket cost. For example, I had $10 ECB from a previous diaper promotion that I had saved and then spent them this week on more diapers to help reduce my total out of pocket cost.

Here is the exact transaction that I did for this week's diaper deal:

2 packs of Pull Ups at $10 each
1 pack of Huggies Diapers at $10 each
Total before tax: $30.00

Coupons tendered:
-$6 off $30 CVS store coupon 
-$10 ECB from a previous transaction
(2) - $2 off Pull Ups CVS store coupon (found on cvs.com)
- $1.50 off Huggies Diapers coupon (found on commonkindness.com)
- $2 off Pull Ups coupon (found on huggies.com)
- $1.50 off Pull Ups coupon (found on commonkindness.com) 

Total after tax and coupons: $5.95! That is a savings of almost $25! 
On top of my huge savings I earned a $10 ECB for my next purchase, making it a money maker of about $4! I will save the ECB for the next diaper promotion to get more cheap diapers!! :)

I am more than happy to answer any questions you may have! Please comment below! Good luck and happy savings!

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