Friday, April 19, 2013

DIY: Pink and White Chevron Fabric Hair Bow

This bow can be attached to a headband or a hair-clip and is very simple to make. The only supplies you will need is a 14"x14" square of fabric, a 4"x8" rectangle of fabric, a needle, thread, hot glue gun, iron, and hair-clip of choice. It takes about 10 minutes to make this bow.

1. Start with your two pieces of fabric and quickly run your iron over them to get out and wrinkles.

2. Take your smaller piece of fabric and fold it inwards, on both sides, "hot dog style" with a slight overlap in the middle. Run your iron over it for a couple seconds to secure the folds.

3. Fold that same fabric in half to make it about 1" wide and run your iron over it to secure your fold.

4. With your larger piece of fabric, do the same "hot dog style" fold as before. Run your iron over it for a few seconds to secure the folds.

5. Turn your fabric and do a second "hot dog style" fold into itself making about a 6"x6" square.

6. With your threaded needle, run a stitch up the overlapped midsection of your fabric.

7. Pull both ends of your thread tight and bunch your fabric close. Tie your thread together.

8. Use your small piece of fabric to wrap around the middle of your bow and stitch it to each other. Cut off the excess, but make sure not to cut too close.

9. Hot glue on your hair-clip. 

10. Fluff out both sides of your bow and you are all done! Enjoy! :)

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