Monday, March 18, 2013

Chloe turns ONE: Butterfly Themed First Birthday Party!

Chloe Turns ONE!

How has a year flown by this fast? 
I can't believe a whole year has passed since I held my baby girl in my arms for the first time! 

For Chloe's first birthday party, I decided to do a Butterfly Theme. 
I used my Cricut, Martha Stewart craft punches, and spent several hours on Pinterest gathering ideas. 

I decorated white paper lanterns with purple butterflies that I punched out and hung them at the entrance to the dining room.

I cut out large triangles, out of scrapbook paper, and hot glued them on to purple ribbon. I used my Cricut to cut out letters to spell out, "Happy Birthday Chloe". I forgot to trim the ends off of the ribbon after taping them to the wall... oh well!

Here is the sweets table! I also made "real" food and set that out on the bar in the kitchen.

I made large sugar cookies and decorated them with purple royal icing that I made. I had planned on finishing them off with Chloe's monogram in white icing, but I ran out of time before guests arrived. Oh well!

I decided to make a cupcake tower instead of a cake this year. I filled my vanilla cupcakes with vanilla mousse and then piped purple buttercream on to cupcakes. I then made white butterfly toppers with scrapbook paper that I had hot glued on to toothpicks.

Who doesn't like a doughnut tower?

I chopped up fruit and put them on skewers to be dipped in to the chocolate fountain.

Miss Chloe, the birthday girl, and myself

Time to open presents!

Chloe, myself, my father, and my little brother!

Time to sing Happy Birthday! 
I also made a banner for the highchair, but it is kind of hard to see in this picture. It says, "1 CHLOE 1" and I used my Cricut to cut it out.

I took Chloe out of her dress and changed her into a tutu for cake time!

Cooper licking the frosting off the top of his cupcake!


For "Goody Bags" I bought butterfly nets and filled them with bubbles, chalk, playdough, and other items.

Chloe snuggling with her daddy because she was getting sleepy!

Time to say good-bye to all our guests!

Her birthday party went by so fast and we all had such a fun time! I had a bounce house set up in the back yard, lots of food for everyone to eat, and plenty of alcohol for adults to enjoy! We had about forty friends and family over and every last bite of food was sent home with them! It was a blast, but I am so glad that it is over! 

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  1. Butterfly Themed First Birthday Party!! It is just so amazing. Anyway I also attended a grand bridal shower for a girl at vintage inspired Chicago event space with my friends. It was such a gorgeous bash that was organized by a talented planner and we totally enjoyed it.