Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Gifts and Cards

Happy Valentine's Day! This is my son's first year in preschool, so this year is the first year that we have made any Valentine's for teachers, classmates, and also for grandparents! Because my son is still so little, I knew that I would be doing a majority of the work. I decided to start by doing pink hand prints on white card stock sprinkled with a little glitter. I started by painting both Cooper and Chloe's hands pink and we went to town pressing their hands on the paper. Chloe kept balling her hand into a fist and wanted to play with the paint rather than stamp her hand so some of her hand prints looked a bit miss-shaped. I then washed the kids hands and let the hand prints dry for several hours.

Cards for Grandparents: 


For the grandparent's cards I used one hand print from each of my children and then attached the two hand prints with a pink ribbon. On the pink ribbon I added three hearts that said, "HUGS", "XOXO", and "KISSES" so that it was like Cooper and Chloe were giving long distance hugs and kisses to their grandparents! :)

Teacher Valentine's Gifts:

For the teacher's Valentine's gifts I cut out one of Cooper's hand prints for the tag. I attached a heart to the back and wrote, "Miss Megan, You deserve a hand! Love, Cooper". As the gift I gave them a bottle of lotion to play into the "hand" pun and wrapped it in cellophane and tied it with a bow.

Classmate Valentine's Gifts:

For Cooper's classmates Valentine's gifts I wanted to give them something that was not filled with sugar so I ventured to Micheal's to see what they had in their arts and crafts section for children. I found these wood fish, that were only $1 each, and came with a paint brush and  a set of paints. I snatched up all eleven that were in the basket and bought them all. When I got home I pulled them fish, paint brushes, and paints out of their wrappers and wrapped them in cellophane and tied it with a bow. With a craft punch, I punched out eleven frilly circles to make tags. I topped the circles off with hearts that I wrote, "I'm so glad we are in the same school! Love, Cooper". I hope all of his classmates enjoy decorating their fish!

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