Monday, February 25, 2013

Recovering an Ottoman

I was given an old ottoman, from a new friend of mine, and was determined to make it pretty again! The ottoman is about four feet wide by two feet deep and two feet tall. I knew it would be perfect in my upstairs hallway right outside Chloe's bedroom. I bought the blue and cream chevron duck material at Hobby Lobby for $17, using a 40% off coupon, and the three yards that I bought covered the ottoman perfectly! I sewed the two small end pieces on to the the one large main rectangle and slipped it over the old ottoman. I secured everything with my staple gun and pulled the fabric as tight as I could. I may add nail studding at a later date, but I need to price out how much nail studs will cost to cover the entire base of the ottoman. Now I just need to either make or buy a little table and accessorize the table with a lamp to put in the corner. I think the ottoman turned out wonderful and I love it! 

Here is the before picture in my living room:

Here is the after picture in my upstairs hallway:

Note: I pulled off the buttons from the ottoman and recovered them with the chevron fabric, but when I went to go put them back on I found that the bench was too worn to add new tufts and was too sunken in the middle from a possible broken or shifted wooden frame. Oh well, it still looks good with out the tufts and buttons! Enjoy!

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