Thursday, February 14, 2013

DIY Girl Valentine's Day Dress

    For Valentine's Day this year, I decided to make Chloe a dress. For Chloe's dress I bought one yard of chevron pink and white material. I used a dress that she already had as a rough pattern to get the sizing correct. It was a learning process because this was only the second time I had ever sewn a dress. I decided to make a "peasant dress" so that it would give her ample room to crawl around in. I added a little flair to the sleeve cuffs by cinching and pleating the fabric as I was sewing. For the collar, I ran a piece of elastic through so that it was stretchy and could go over her head with ease. I added a large white ribbon to top the dress off, because every little girl looks that much cute with a bow! I debated weather or not to monogram her dress, and then finally when I was finished sewing it I decided to go ahead and try. Overall, I think the dress turned out great and the overall cost was about $8!

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