Monday, January 28, 2013

Potty Training

     Guess what? We are officially potty training! We went to Target yesterday and picked out "Mater and Buzz" underwear for my son. Mater, from Cars, and Buzz, from Toy Story, are his two favorite Disney characters, so I am hoping for good results. I am also incorporating the "naked method" into potty training. I am hoping to have my son day-time potty trained in one week. I will update you all everyday, on this post, and keep it going until we are day-time potty trained! Wish us luck!!
     Day one: Started the morning by showing my son all his new, clean, underwear and let him choose which pair he wanted to put on. I asked him about a thousand or so times, "do you need to go potty?" or I would change it up with "do you need to poop/pee?"  By the end of the day I sounded like a broken record. He had one accident in the morning and he was so stinking cute I couldn't even be mad. He came over to me with this pitiful face and said, "All wet! So wet!!!" So I got him cleaned up and tried keeping him naked for a bit to see if that would help him. He still didn't go on the potty. Overall, he only had one accident on his first day, but didn't go in the potty either. I guess it was a good day? Maybe?
     Day two: Started the morning by letting my son pick out which pair of underwear he wanted to wear and this time he picked out a "Buzz" pair! He had preschool today, so that butted into potty-training a bit. He wore underwear before school, wore a diaper at school, and then wore underwear again when he came home. He did have two accidents this evening and both times had the same pitiful face and sad, "Im wet!" comments. Hopefully tomorrow will be better!
      Day three: Started the morning by changing his diaper and putting on a pull-up. My husband took the kids to the gym and I went fabric shopping for a little project I will be working on tomorrow. We got home, put the kids down for naps, and then my husband left for work. When the kids woke up I put underwear on Cooper and asked him to please sit on the potty. He said "NOOOO" and peed his pants. I sighed inwardly, cleaned him up, and put on a new pair. Thirty minutes later the exact same thing happened. I cleaned him up again, but this time left him naked. He was not pleased. I managed to bribe him with TV and have him sit on the potty for about five minutes. Nothing happened. He managed to not have an accident when he was naked and remained accident-free for the rest of the afternoon. Overall, today was a bit of a challenge both keeping my cool and pushing onward. I hope tomorrow will be better!
     Day four: Started off with an hour in underwear before he had preschool. He didn't have any accidents, but also didn't go in his potty. We sent him to preschool in a pull-up, but I don't know if they put him on the potty at all. While he was at school I had a little bit of time to think about an reexamine my approach to potty training. I had originally planned on using stickers as a positive reinforcement, but stickers were never any interest to my son to begin with so that is not a reward that would help motivate him. I broke down and bought M&Ms for his new reward. He now gets: 1 M&M for sitting on the potty, 2 M&Ms for peeing in the potty, and 3 M&Ms for pooping on the potty. He does not get any M&Ms at any other time, they are ONLY for potty training. He now has no objection to sitting on the potty and asks to sit on the potty in hopes of earning his M&Ms! Overall, today was enlightening but Cooper still didn't go in the potty.
       Day five: Started off a little different and we had speech therapists coming to our home to evaluate my son. Thankfully, he passed his evaluation with flying colors! However, I had him in a pull-up during the evaluation and that was better for the eval but set back our morning routine with potty training a little bit. In the afternoon, I put a pair of underwear on my son and after about an hour of periodically sitting on the potty and nothing happening he came and crawled in my lap, told me,"I Love you!", and pooped on me. The underwear caught most of it....but I picked him up and carried him to the bath. He was upset and I just a tad grossed out. I cleaned him up and told him it was time to be naked. He remained naked the rest of the afternoon and evening, but he finally started peeing in his potty! He peed in his potty four times today!!
     Day six: Started off the morning naked as a jay bird. Cooper refused to put underwear on so we just hung out in the playroom with a naked child running around. Cooper actually did really well all morning! He peed on the potty several times and had no accidents! Then it was time for naptime, so I put a diaper on him and laid him down. When he woke up from his nap I put underwear on him and he did really well yet again. He had no accidents all day long and peed in the potty at least ten times! Overall, today was a good day!
     Day seven: We were out of the house all day so he was in a pull-up for most of the day. I sat him on the potty a couple times when we were out but he did not go. When we were at home I had him sit on the potty a couple times, but he also did not go. Today was busy and chaotic, so he both didn't have any accidents but also didn't go in the potty. Today is my last day of "potty training bootcamp". We will continue to work on peeing in the potty and hopefully will move on to pooping in the potty. I am hopeful that in the next couple of weeks Cooper will be out of diapers during the daytime and just in underwear! Wish us luck! :)

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