Monday, January 7, 2013

Homemade Tomato Sauce

Homemade Tomato Sauce in the Slow Cooker
Yield: 10-12 cups

2 Onions
8 Cloves of Garlic
60 oz can of Tomato Sauce (four 15 oz cans)
24 oz can of Plum Tomatoes (two 12 oz cans)
2 cups of Fresh Basil leaves
1/4 cup of Sugar
1 tsp of Salt
1 tsp freshly ground Pepper
Olive Oil
1 stick of Butter


1. Coat your slow cooker's bottom with olive oil (approx 1 cup). Turn on slow cooker to low for 8 hours.
2. Chop up your onions so they are microscopically small!  Mince your garlic with a garlic mincer. Add both to slow cooker.
3. Sprinkle salt and pepper on top of onion garlic mixture. Let set for 30 minutes covered.

4. Add your cans of tomato sauce, plum tomatoes, sugar, and your chopped basil. Cover and walk away. Stir occasionally.
5. Add your stick of butter at hour 7 (when there is only one hour left on the timer).
6. Use your immersion blender for about 30 seconds to quickly blend up any remaining larger chunks of tomato, onion, or basil.
7. Serve immediately or store in freezer bags and freeze until needed.

I make up a batch of sauce about 2-4 times a month. I loooooove making sauce in my Crockpot. It is so easy and the flavors marinate together so much better than when I have tried making it on the stove.  It is by far the yummiest sauce I have made thus far! There are so many recipes that you can make with this sauce as it's base. I even caught my husband eating the sauce by itself once.

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