Wednesday, December 5, 2012

DIY Christmas Decor

Welcome to my living room!

I bought these wood letters at Hobby Lobby for about $2 each when they were on sale last week. I painted them with Martha Stewart metallic paint and glitter paint that I bought at Michael's. I bought the glittery silver garland for $10 at Home Goods and used the extra to hot glue on to the "O" in "JOY". I also used left over pearls from the pearl wreath I made to add a little more pop to the "O". This was by far the cheapest and easiest Christmas decor project I have done so far.

I decided to use jingle bells as my vase filler to go with my silver Christmas decor. I had a 25% off coupon for my total purchase at AC Moore, this past weekend, so I went and bought roughly 20 bags of bells in three sizes. My total after sales and my coupon was $47. I was NOT expecting to spend that much on jingle bells. After all, for $47 I could fill up half my fridge... but what is done is done. I bought the glass hurricanes at TJ Maxx for $12.99 each along with the candles for $4.99 each.

This was one of the hardest projects I have done. Well, I guess hard isn't the right....tedious is more like it. I bought three different sized fake pears at both AC Moore and Micheal's and proceeded to paint four primer coats of white craft paint to cover the flaws and imperfections. If I could do it again, I would go buy real primer at the hardware store and do it in one or two coats tops. I then used the same Martha Stewart paint from the "JOY" project and a few others. I used Metallic Pewter, Metallic Sterling, and Mother of Pearl. I then topped the pears with dustings of fine glitter while the paint was still wet. I ran out of paint, but if I hadn't I would have done two coats of the Martha Stewart paint instead of the one.

I was at Target on Friday and they were having a gift card promotion on Glade seasonal candles. My son insisted we buy them so that he could unwrap them. I couldn't argue with his adorable and curious face, so I bought them. I don't normally buy scented candles. It just isn't something that I use in my house. That being said, I still think that they are pretty, so I figured out how to display them on my dining room table with the left of jingle bells from my glass hurricanes.

And finally, my pearl wreath. This project took about a week to complete. First I bought a green foam wreath base from AC Moore and wrapped it with white ribbon. I then started hot gluing on different sized pearls. I bought my pearls at both AC Moore and Micheal's. I only covered about three quarts of the wreath in pearls, leaving a naked strip in the back where nobody can see. I love my pearl wreath!

Merry Christmas everyone! Happy decorating!

Here is a snapshot of the kids on Christmas Eve!


  1. I was searching Google for Martha Stewart metallic paint (I am considering painting a wall with it) and came across you 'joy' set. I love it! And that pearl wreath is so so beautiful!! Love your Christmas decor!

    1. Thank you so much!!! That makes me so happy to hear! :)

  2. Beautiful wreath! I love the different sizes of pearls you used.I made one a few years ago, using pearl beads and pearl pins to attach to the foam ring, looked very uniform, but still pretty. Merry Christmas 2014 from England x