Wednesday, December 26, 2012

15 Days of Elf Mischief

Day one: Our Elf arrived on the front porch

Day two: Our elf made herself at home

Day three: She stole our TV

Day four: She got drunk as a skunk

Day five: She colored all over my son and daughter

Day six: She stole my car keys

Day seven: She cut my son's hair while he was sleeping

Day eight: She played in the Play Room

Day nine: She dyed my daughter's doll's hair

Day ten: She slid down the banister

Day eleven: She wrote on the mirror in my daughter's bathroom

Day twelve: She went "ice" fishing

Day thirteen: She played in a pile of clean laundry

Day fourteen: She did acrobatics on a wine bottle
Day fifteen: She got put in time out and was sent back to Santa
As I said in my original Elf on a Shelf post, here, I am not a typical Elf adopted mom. I tried to make it fun and funny for adults this year. All  my son ever saw was his elf moving from place to place. On Christmas morning he even asked where she was and was looking around for her. Next year I will do a little more PG version, but this year I was able to push the limits a bit. Merry Christmas everyone!

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