Saturday, June 30, 2012

Pantry Organizer

     I think we have about nine thousand and one open boxes of snacks, drink mixes, seasonings, Ziploc bags, chewing gum, breakfast bars, and other miscellaneous items in our pantry. I like everything in my life to be organized and neat. I picked up a shoe organize from Bed Bath and Beyond for about $8, with a 20% off coupon that they mailed to me, to help organize my pantry. All the smaller items that are in my pantry are now contained in a much more organized fashion. I have gum on the top row, beverages (teas and drink mixes) on the second row, packets of oatmeal on the third row, seasonings, formula packets, and bagged snacks on the fourth row, breakfast bars on the fifth row, trash bags and snack bags on the sixth row, and freezer bags, in size order, on the seventh row. This makes my once box filled pantry much more accessible for both little hands and big hands alike. If I had a Label Maker, then I would label each pocket. Luckily, the pockets are clear plastic and therefore self explanatory.

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