Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Buying In Bulk

     Grocery shopping can be crazy with two children so most of my grocery shopping happens at Costco. Their baskets are the size of small cars and I can easily fit Chloe's carrier in the basket along with Cooper in the child seat. I still have enough room in the cart to fill with the mountains of food I manage to come home with. The downside to shopping at Costco, with only two adults and two small children to gobble up all the food before it goes bad, is the large portions. Mozzarella cheese comes in a bag the size of a newborn, there are enough balls to feed and army in the bag of Kirkland Meatballs, and it will take one very hungry toddler three months to polish off the box of Goldfish.
     In order to preserve the freshness of the food I buy at Costco, I portion out the product into freezer bags that I have labeled with the date, name of product, and the amount I put in. I have a freezer in my garage for my overflow of food where I store the majority of my freezer items. This makes it so easy to grab the amount I need, unthaw in the fridge, and then use in a recipe I am making for dinner.

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